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Roundabout in Marple Memorial Park

We, the undersigned urge Marple Area Committee and Councillors to find the funds to replace the roundabout in the Infants Play Area in Marple Memorial Park with a new piece of equipment as soon as possible and to treat this matter as a high priority.

The Friends of Marple Memorial Park have been unable to obtain assurances from the council's Greenspace Team that the roundabout will be replaced. They have told us that "Greenspace and SSK are currently reviewing priorities and spend for this financial year, this is one of the items that will be considered".

The Infants Play Area in Memorial Park is extremely popular with young children and their parents and is extensively used by people in the local community come rain or shine. Marple Memorial Park is one of Stockport’s Premier Parks and to not replace this equipment is simply not acceptable to the local community who use it, or the Friends of Marple Memorial Park who work so hard as volunteers to maintain and improve it.

This ePetition ran from 11/05/2015 to 10/06/2015 and has now finished.

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