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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Insurance Renewal Report 2018/19 ref: 369623/11/201823/11/2018Not for call-in
Prescribing Espranor for drug misusers as an alternative to generic buprenorphine ref: 397529/05/201929/05/2019Not for call-in
Acquisition of 76, 78 and 84 Wellington Road South & 2 Railway Road - Stockport Exchange (Phases 6 And 7) ref: 403419/06/201919/06/2019Not for call-in
Greater Manchester’s Clean Air Plan – Tackling Nitrogen Dioxide Exceedances At The Roadside – Supplementary Information To Accompany The Outline Business Case. ref: 397030/04/201930/04/2019Not for call-in
Award of a Contract for Supported Living for those with Learning Disabilities ref: 403318/06/201918/06/2019Not for call-in
GM Transport Committee - Role and Responsibilities ref: 403018/06/201918/06/2019Not for call-in
Nominations to Outside Bodies ref: 403118/06/201926/06/2019Call-in expired
Cabinet response to the 25th Annual Public Health Report ref: 402918/06/201926/06/2019Call-in expired
Greater Manchester Strategy Implementation Plan Update ref: 402418/06/201926/06/2019Call-in expired
Corporate Performance and Resources - Annual Report 2018/19 ref: 402218/06/201926/06/2019Call-in expired
Stockport's Active Community Strategy and Walking & Cycling Plan ref: 402718/06/201926/06/2019Call-in expired
Disposal of Newbridge Resource Centre ref: 403218/06/201918/06/2019Not for call-in
Lisburne School Expansion and Re-Location ref: 402618/06/201926/06/2019Call-in expired
Q4 2018/19 Complaints Report ref: 402318/06/201926/06/2019Call-in expired
Woodford Neighbourhood Plan - Approval for Referendum ref: 402518/06/201918/06/2019Not for call-in
Response to Ombudsman’s Report on parking permits in the Central Parking Zone (CPZ) ref: 402818/06/201926/06/2019Call-in expired
Park Event Application: Shaun Thomson Memorial Funday - Bakery Bridge Playing Field - 20 July 2019 ref: 401913/06/201922/06/2019Call-in expired
Appointments to Outside Bodies (Central Stockport) ref: 401813/06/201922/06/2019Call-in expired
Area Committee Ward Highways Spokespersons ref: 401513/06/201922/06/2019Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding - The Big Bramhall Free Tea Party ref: 401313/06/201922/06/2019Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding - North Park Seniors ref: 401213/06/201922/06/2019Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding - Holiday at Home ref: 401113/06/201922/06/2019Call-in expired
Area Committee Ward Highways Spokespersons ref: 401713/06/201922/06/2019Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding ref: 401613/06/201922/06/2019Call-in expired
Turves Road (Shops), Cheadle Hulme - Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) For Disabled Bay ref: 401413/06/201922/06/2019Call-in expired
Holllythorn Road/Ack Lane West, Bramhall - Traffic Regulation Order ref: 402114/06/201922/06/2019Call-in expired
27-45 Buxton Road, A6MARR ref: 402014/06/201922/06/2019Call-in expired
AFF - Brass Bands of Marple ref: 400512/06/201921/06/2019Call-in expired
Highways and Traffic Ward Spokespersons (Stepping Hill Area Committee) ref: 399211/06/201920/06/2019Call-in expired
Area Flexibility Funding - Sheba Arts ref: 399011/06/201920/06/2019Call-in expired
Application for Ward Flexibility Funding - Cheadle Village Partnership ref: 400011/06/201921/06/2019Call-in expired
Application for Ward Flexibility Funding: Gatley Festival Committee ref: 400311/06/201921/06/2019Call-in expired
Area Flexibility Funding - Natalie's Dance Creative ref: 398911/06/201920/06/2019Call-in expired
Brookfield Park Shiers Family Trust Annual Report 2018/19 ref: 400811/06/201921/06/2019Call-in expired
Appointment to Outside Bodies (Marple Area Committee) ref: 400612/06/201921/06/2019Call-in expired
Area Flexibility Funding - High Lane Residents Association ref: 400412/06/201921/06/2019Call-in expired
Area Flexibility Funding - Friends of Rose Hill Station ref: 400212/06/201921/06/2019Call-in expired
Area Flexibility Funding - Friends of Cromwell Avenue Park ref: 399712/06/201921/06/2019Call-in expired
Area Flexibility Funding -MESS ref: 399612/06/201921/06/2019Call-in expired
Road Safety Around Schools - Fairway Primary School ref: 399111/06/201920/06/2019Call-in expired
Application for Funding - Abney Scout and Guide Residential and Training Centre ref: 400111/06/201921/06/2019Call-in expired
Application for Ward Flexibility Funding - Cheadle Civic Society ref: 399511/06/201921/06/2019Call-in expired
Norwood Road, Great Moor ref: 399311/06/201920/06/2019Call-in expired
Nominations to Outside Bodies - Hazel Grove Community Association ref: 399411/06/201920/06/2019Call-in expired
Nomination of Ward Spokesperson (Marple Area Committee) ref: 400712/06/201921/06/2019Call-in expired