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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Local Plan Issues and Options (E&R9) ref: 297018/07/201726/07/20170
Pownall Green School Prudential Borrowing Application (EDU2) ref: 296818/07/201726/07/20170
Information, Advice & Guidance Draft Proposal (R&G12) ref: 297218/07/201726/07/20170
Treasury Management Annual Report 2016/17 (LDR55) ref: 296918/07/201726/07/20170
Digital by Design Phase II - Building on our new capabilities (R&G11) ref: 297118/07/201726/07/20170
Constitutional Review - Area Committee ref: 297318/07/201726/07/20170
Bramhall Lane, Cale Green ref: 297414/07/201726/07/20170
Application for Ward Flexibility Funding - St Catherine's Church Centre, Heald Green ref: 296711/07/201725/07/20170
Parks Event Application: Use of Gatley Recreation Ground (Children's Holiday Club) - 3 to 5 August 2017 ref: 296411/07/201725/07/20170
Park Event Application: Manchester Area Cross Country League in Woodbank Memorial Park on 13 January 2018 ref: 296613/07/201725/07/20170
Event application to use Oak Meadow Park (Garden Party) - 2 September 2017 ref: 296113/07/201715/07/2017Call-in expired
Lyncombe Close, Bramhall - Street Named Plate ref: 295913/07/201721/07/2017Call-in expired
Syddal Road - Footway reconstruction ref: 296013/07/201721/07/2017Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding - Nativity Cribs ref: 295310/07/201721/07/2017Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding - Marple Carnival Charities Committee ref: 295512/07/201720/07/2017Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding - Romiley Traders Association/ Romiley Village Market ref: 295210/07/201721/07/2017Call-in expired
Purchase and Management of a Mobile Speed Indication Device (SID) by Area Committees for use in each one of their committee areas ref: 295812/07/201720/07/2017Call-in expired
Stockport Together Outline Business Cases ref: 295612/07/201720/07/2017Call-in expired
Street Lighting upgrade Lyme Grove ref: 295410/07/201721/07/2017Call-in expired
Area Flexibility Funding Application - Friends of North Reddish Park ref: 294710/07/201719/07/2017Call-in expired
Area Flexibility Funding - Freshfire Trust ref: 294610/07/201719/07/2017Call-in expired
Ripley Avenue, Great Moor ref: 295111/07/201719/07/2017Call-in expired
Area Flexibility Funding - Abingdon Primary School ref: 294510/07/201719/07/2017Call-in expired
Area Flexibility Funding - Greater Manchester ACF ref: 294410/07/201719/07/2017Call-in expired
Highways Maintenance Local Initiative Report ref: 294810/07/201719/07/2017Call-in expired
Heaton Road and Sutton Road, Heaton Norris ref: 294910/07/201719/07/2017Call-in expired