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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Flexibility Funding Arrangements 2018/19 ref: 344714/06/201822/06/20180
Wilmslow Road, Heald Green - Bus Stop Clearway ref: 344408/06/201822/06/20180
Tatton Close off Tarvin Road, Cheadle - Proposed Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) ref: 344508/06/201822/06/20180
George Lane, Bredbury ref: 343918/08/201720/06/2018Call-in expired
Stockport Property Alliance ref: 344212/06/201820/06/2018Call-in expired
Update on the Work and Skills Commission and Community Insight aspects of Inclusive Growth ref: 343712/06/201820/06/2018Call-in expired
Nominations to Outside Bodies (Cabinet) ref: 344012/06/201820/06/2018Call-in expired
Q4 2017-18 Complaints Report ref: 343312/06/201820/06/2018Call-in expired
Corporate Performance and Resources - Annual Report 2017/18 ref: 343212/06/201820/06/2018Call-in expired
Buxton Road (Formerly A6), Hazel Grove Bus Gate ref: 344308/06/201820/06/2018Call-in expired
STAR Growth Proposal ref: 344112/06/201814/06/2018Call-in expired
24th Annual Public Health Report, Cabinet Response ref: 343812/06/201820/06/2018Call-in expired
Disposal of former Ritz Cinema site (R&G18) ref: 343612/06/201820/06/2018Call-in expired
Town Centre Living (E&R29) ref: 343512/06/201820/06/2018Call-in expired
Stockport Interchange (E&R26) ref: 343412/06/201820/06/2018Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding - Friends of Heathbank Park ref: 342207/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Budget - Bramhall Together Trust ref: 342107/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Area Committee Ward Highways Spokespersons ref: 342607/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding - North Park Seniors Group ref: 341907/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Area Committee Ward Highways Spokespersons ref: 343007/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Appointments to Outside Bodies (Central Stockport) ref: 343107/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding - Big Bramhall Tea Party ref: 342007/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding - Holiday at Home ref: 341807/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Remembrance Day Poppies for Lighting Columns ref: 341606/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Area Flexibility Funding - Equality Matters Marple ref: 341306/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Lytham Drive / Seal Road / Fir Road. Bramhall - Audit relating to a Petition ref: 342407/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Event application for the use of Heathbank Park (Heathbank's Party in the Park) - 7 July 2018 ref: 342707/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Area Committee Highway Ward Spokesperson ref: 341506/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Appointment to Outside Bodies ref: 341706/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Area Flexibility Funding - St Thomas Church ref: 341206/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Event application for the use of Hesketh Park (Summer Barbecue) - 30 June 2018 ref: 342807/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Highways Maintenance and local Initiative Scheme ref: 342307/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Springfield Avenue, Marple ref: 341406/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Pennine Road, Hazel Grove - Street Lighting Improvement ref: 342507/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding ref: 342907/06/201815/06/2018Call-in expired