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Lisburne Avenue & Marple Road, Offerton

28/10/2019 - Lisburne Avenue & Marple Road, Offerton

The Cabinet Member for Sustainable Stockport has approved the legal advertising of the following Traffic Regulation Order and subject to no objections being received within twenty one days from the advertisement date the following orders can be made:



 No Waiting at Any Time:


Lisburne Avenue


Both sides from the South Westerly kerb line of Marple Road for a distance of 10 metres in a South Westerly direction.


Marple Road


South West side from a point 10 metres South East of the South Easterly kerb line of Lisburne Avenue to a point 10 metres North West of the North Westerly kerb line of Lisburne Avenue.


Not included in the Traffic Regulation Order, the provision of new street nameplates for Lisburne Avenue.