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Marple Area Committee

Purpose of committee

About the Area Committee

The Marple Area Committee represents the wards of Marple North and Marple South.


Public Questions

At area committees members of the public have the opportunity to ask questions about any matters within the Area Committee’s powers (except on legal or confidential matters). You can submit a question and view the Code of Practice using the online question form.


Ward Funding

The Council has delegated £3000 to each ward to allow Community Groups and other non-commercial organisations to apply for contributions toward funding for projects within the community.


The fund is administered by the Democratic Services Manager in consultation with the Ward Councillors.  A copy of the application form and associated guidance is available on our Ward Funding page.


Planning Matters
Area Committee have powers to deal with certain types of planning applications, and Councillors have the power to call up applications that are ordinarily dealt with by planning officers, to be considered and determined by the Area Committee.


Members of the public also have the opportunity to address the Committee during consideration of a planning application for a total of 3 minutes. One person will be permitted to address the Area Committee for 3 minutes in objection to the application and one person for 3 minutes in support of the application.


If you wish to speak on a planning application it is advisable that you arrive 5 minutes prior to the commencement of the meeting in order to inform the Democratic Services Officer.


Open Forum

In addition, the Area Committee operates Open Forum arrangements which allow groups to make presentations to the Committee on issues that affect the local community.  The Open Forum is governed by the Code of Practice.


Area Committee News


Marple Area Committee recently held an extraordinary meeting of the Area Committee to discuss in greater detail issues affecting the Marple area. The meeting was well attended by the public who contributed to debate and came up ideas as to what they would like to see discussed at future Area Committee Meetings. As a result the Area Committee made three key decisions:-


1.    There was strong support for the creation of a Locality Plan for Marple and it was agreed that work be undertaken to consider how this could be progressed.

2.    New ways of working for the Area Committee. There was strong agreement that there was a need to make the Area Committee more accessible and engaging to the public be explored and it was agreed that a  report  be submitted to a future meeting outlining options; and

3.    Better use of the Open Forum arrangements: presentations would be made at future meetings in respect to Schools and School places, Health, Parks & Greenspaces, Anti-Social Behaviour and Traffic Congestion & Parking.


Contact information

Support officer: Stephen Fox. (0161 474 3206)

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Democratic Services
Town Hall

Phone: 0161 474 3216


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