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Standards Committee

Purpose of committee

The Council, in accordance with the Localism Act 2011, has established a Standards Committee, as well as appointing two Independent Persons with whom the Standards Committee will consult on the conduct of members in the event a complaint is received.

The role of the Standards Committee is to:

·         Promote high standards of conduct by councillors and co-opted members of Stockport Council.

·         Guide councillors, co-opted members and the Independent Persons and monitor the operation of the Code of Conduct.

·         Review the Code of Conduct and the Council’s ‘Arrangements’ under the Localism Act 2011.

·         Consider complaints against councillors and co-opted members and make assessments and determinations of these complaints where appropriate.

·         Consider report of the Monitoring Officer on complaints relating to alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct.

·         Consider dispensations for members from requirements relating to interests set out in the Code of Conduct and exemptions to political restrictions on officers.

A copy of the Code of Conduct is available by following the link.

More information about how to make complaints about councillors or co-opted members, including a guide, can be found by following the link.

Complaints about councillors may be considered by the Standards Sub-Committee.


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Support officer: Democratic Services.

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