Agenda and minutes

Hazel Grove Ward Committee
Tuesday, 7th February, 2012 6.30 pm

Venue: Hazel Grove Civic Hall, Hazel Grove

Contact: Democratic Services 

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The Minutes (copies of which had been circulated) of the meeting held on 13 December 2011 were approved as a correct record.



Declarations of Interest

Councillors and officers to declare any interests which they have in any of the items on the agenda for the meeting.


No declarations of interest were made.


Community Engagement


Neighbourhood Policing

Councillors and members of the public are invited to raise ‘Neighbourhood Policing’ issues with local Neighbourhood Policing Team.


Sergeant James Lockett (Greater Manchester Police) attended the meeting to answer questions from councillors and members of the public in relation to Neighbourhood Policing issues within the Hazel Grove ward.  The following issues were raised / comments made:-


·         Vehicle crime remained a concern and members of the public were reminded to keep vehicles locked when unattended and valuables out of sight.

·         A recent spate of anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of Hatherlow Lane, Torkington Park and Hazel Grove precinct.

·         A bar in Hazel Grove had closed for business due to a number of incidents which had taken place at the premises. 

·         Concern had been expressed by residents in relation to tackling the issue of underage drinkers purchasing alcohol at shops on Dorchester Road.

·         Operation Airborne was in operation to deal with evening and night time anti-social behaviour in licensed premises.

·         Councillors praised the achievement of the Hazel Grove pub watch scheme and welcomed new members to the group.

·         A request was made for the Police Dog Unit to visit bars and pubs in Hazel Grove and it was suggested that regular visits to licensed premises be carried out to ensure that public houses and bars were meeting the requirements of their licence.

·         The high number of bars and pubs in Hazel Grove.

·         The time of day that police officers were patrolling the ward.

·         A reduction in anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of Hazelwood Grove and Clarendon Road.

·         Whether the front desk at Hazel Grove Police Station was open to members of the public – Residents expressed concern in regard to the sound quality of the contact phone outside the building.

·         It was noted that the new inspector for Hazel Grove ward was Inspector Paul Bray.


RESOLVED – That Sergeant James Lockett be thanked for his attendance.



Public Question Time

Members of the public are invited to put questions to the Chair of the Ward Committee. Questions must be submitted in advance on the cards provided. Questions on quasi-judicial matters (e.g. current or potential legal proceedings, licensing applications, planning applications or appeals) or confidential matters are not permitted.


Members of the public were invited to put questions to the Chair of the Ward Committee on any matters within the powers and duties of the Ward Committee, subject to the exclusions set out in the Code of Practice.  The following issues were raised and responses were given at the meeting:-


  • Why a post had moved within a few meters of its original location several times within a short period of time.
  • The poor condition of the pavement and flags outside the card shop on the A6.
  • Inconsiderate parking on footpaths and cars parking illegally were a hazard for pedestrians and motorists.
  • When the public art exhibition at Sainsburys would be mounted.

·         Concern was expressed in relation to a recent Stockport Express article, which reported that nearly a third of all shops in Stockport town centre were empty.

  • The presence of solar panels on public buildings in the ward.
  • The need for a ‘Give Way’ sign to be installed at the junction of Grove Street and at the end of Braemar Road.
  • A number of potholes on Hazelwood Road. 

·         Whether public consultation results affected the implementation of traffic schemes - Residents expressed concern in respect to traffic and the amount of traffic calming on Hazelwood Road.

·         The number of motor accidents in Hazel Grove.

·         A request for the gates at the Hazel Grove Bowling and Tennis club be locked at night.

  • Whether disused toilets had been purchased by local businesses for commercial use.

·         Clarification was sought and provided in respect to the council’s licensing legislation and the difference between licensing and planning control requirements for bars and pubs in Hazel Grove.

·         How the Localism Bill would affect local planning legislation and the impact on residents.

·         Residents expressed concern in respect to garish signs in shop front windows dominating the area.

  • A request for the street sign on Hazelwood Grove to be resited so that its fit for purpose.
  • Members of the public thanked the Ward Committee for their support in providing double yellow lines on Hazelwood Grove.


RESOLVED – That the issue relating to the poor condition of pavements outside the card shop on the A6 be referred to the Highways Officer for consideration.



Environmental Services

The Area Conditions Officer will attend the meeting to provide an update on matters raised at the last meeting. Councillors and members of the public are invited to raise issues affecting local environment quality.


A representative of the Democratic Services Manager reported that the Area Conditions officer had been unable to attend the meeting.




To receive petitions from members of the public and community groups.


No petitions were submitted.


Area Flexibility Funding

To consider any applications for Area Flexibility Funding or to receive feedback from organisations who have received funding.


A representative of the Democratic Services Manager reported that there were no applications to consider.



Dates of Future Meetings


RESOLVED – That the next meeting of the Ward Committee would be held on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 at 6.30pm at the Hazel Grove Civic Hall.