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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Chadwell Road and Marple Road, Offerton ref: 623115/03/202328/03/20230
Heatons Active Neighbourhoods Permanent Measures ref: 623015/03/202328/03/20230
Proposed Traffic Regulation Order 'No Waiting At Any Time' on School Brow, Bredbury ref: 622915/03/202328/03/20230
Unit 4 Redrock - Wayleave ref: 573521/03/202221/03/2022Not for call-in
Proposed Traffic Regulation Order 'No Waiting At Any Time' on Willow Close and Adswood Road, Cheadle Hulme ref: 622615/03/202323/03/2023Call-in expired
St Mary’s RC Primary - Discontinuance Statutory Processes ref: 622514/03/202314/03/2023Not for call-in
Insurance Tender Approval ref: 622413/03/202313/03/2023Not for call-in
Moseley Street, Edgeley - ‘Prohibition to Motor Vehicles’ together with ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ Traffic Regulation Order ref: 622715/03/202323/03/2023Call-in expired
Area Committee Boundaries ref: 621814/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Nominations for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor 2023/24 ref: 622014/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Annual Pay Policy Statement (F&R15) ref: 621214/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Scrutiny Review Panel - Economic and Social Case for Metrolink in Stockport Final Report ref: 620814/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Corporate Performance and Resources Quarter 3 Update Report ref: 621014/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Adlington Walk Future High Streets Fund (C&H38/ E&R89) ref: 622114/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Revised Direct Payments Policy (H&ASC4) ref: 621514/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Annual Residential/ Nursing Care, Home Care and other Care Management Fee Setting 2023/2024 (H&ASC3) ref: 621414/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Scrutiny Review Panel - Growth in Free School Meals Final Report ref: 620714/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Council Meeting Procedure Rules - Amendments ref: 621914/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Scrutiny Review Panel - Local Government Financial and Governance Sustainability Final Report ref: 620914/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Asset Management Plan 2023/24 - 2027-28 (General Exception) ref: 621314/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Variation of HRA Service Charge Increase Approved by the Council on 23 February 2023 ref: 622315/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Merseyway Update (E&R93) ref: 622214/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Stockport Rail Station Regeneration Update (E&R91) ref: 621614/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Future Provision of Bereavement Services (HP&L3) ref: 621114/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
United Kingdom Shared Prosperity Fund - Stockport Arrangements (E&R92) ref: 621714/03/202322/03/2023Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding - High Lane Cricket Club ref: 619308/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Adder Park Traffic Calming ref: 619109/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Park Use Application - Alexandra Park - Stockport Baptist Church Fun in the Park events ref: 618709/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Park Use Application - Cale Green Park - 'Sounds of the Summer' concert events ref: 618909/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Park Use Application - Cale Green Park - Friends of Cale Green Park Summer in the Park event ref: 618809/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Park Use Application - Alexandra Park - Alexandra Skate Park Summer Jam event ref: 618609/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Marple Memorial Park Picnic Benches ref: 619408/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding - Help the Hatters ref: 619208/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding - Help the Hatters ref: 619009/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding - Bee Sober CIC ref: 620008/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
School Street Scheme for St Thomas’s Primary School ref: 620508/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Bus Pinch Points – Dale Street, Edgeley - Consultation Results ref: 618309/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Objection Report - Proposed Traffic Regulation Order on Rushside Road, Cheadle Hulme (and surrounding roads) ref: 619509/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Park Use Application - Woodbank Memorial and Vernon Parks - annual race event ref: 618409/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Park Use Application - Mersey Vale Trans Pennine Trail Hatters Half-Marathon ref: 618509/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Park Use Application - Mersey Vale Trans Pennine Trail Hatters Half-Marathon 03.09.23 ref: 620408/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Rupert Street, Reddish (Access to Nutwood Court) ref: 620308/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Criterion Street & Middleton Road, Reddish ref: 620208/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Park Use Application - Bramhall Park Open Air Theatre Bad Dad by David Walliams 25/08/2023 ref: 619709/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Park Use Application - Bramhall Park - Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare Open Air Theatre 25/06/2023 ref: 619609/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Park Use Application - Lumb Lane Mountfield Rovers JFC Funday 01/07/2023 ref: 619809/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired
Ward Flexibility Funding - Help the Hatters ref: 619908/03/202317/03/2023Call-in expired