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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Bramhall Park Road - Additional Signage & Lining - 20mph Speed Limit ref: 568323/06/202201/07/20220
Ward Flexibility Funding - Heatons Runners ref: 569120/06/202201/07/20220
Ward Flexibility Funding - The Friends of Darley Street ref: 569220/06/202201/07/20220
Ward Flexibility Funding - Greater Manchester ACF ref: 569020/06/202201/07/20220
The Metropolitan Borough Council of Stockport (High Lane Primary School) (Prohibition and Restriction Of Waiting) (School Clearway) and (Revocation) Order 2022 - Objection Report ref: 569922/06/202201/07/20220
Windlehurst Road Traffic Calming ref: 570322/06/202201/07/20220
Ward Flexibility Funding - Marple Youth Project ref: 569722/06/202201/07/20220
Hartington Road, High Lane - Prohibition to Motor Vehicles - Trial ref: 569822/06/202201/07/20220
Ward Flexibility Funding - Friends of Shahnameh ref: 568223/06/202201/07/20220
Ward Flexibility Funding - Friends of Bramall Hall and Park ref: 568123/06/202201/07/20220
Ward Flexibility Funding - Walk Ride Heatons ref: 568920/06/202201/07/20220
Ward Flexibility Funding - Friends of Reddish Vale Country Park ref: 568820/06/202201/07/20220
Ruskin Road & Browning Road, Reddish ref: 569420/06/202201/07/20220
Mayfield Road, Bramhall - Proposed Traffic Regulation Order 'No Waiting At Any Time' ref: 568623/06/202201/07/20220
Residents Parking Scheme Petition - David Street, Reddish ref: 569320/06/202201/07/20220
Appointment to Outside Bodies ref: 569620/06/202201/07/20220
Area Committee Ward Highway Spokespersons ref: 568723/06/202201/07/20220
Park Use Application - Marple Memorial Park ref: 570222/06/202222/06/2022Not for call-in
Parks Event Application - Chadkirk Country Estate (Chadkirk Well Dressing) ref: 567220/06/202229/06/20220
Ward Flexibility Funding - Lisburne School ref: 565221/06/202229/06/20220
Ward Flexibility Funding - Cheadle Village Partnership ref: 566121/06/202229/06/20220
Ward Flexibility Funding - Heald Green Heritage ref: 566021/06/202229/06/20220
Ward Flexibility Funding - Friends of East Avenue Park ref: 565921/06/202229/06/20220
Appointments to Outside Bodies ref: 567320/06/202229/06/20220
Highways Maintenance Local Initiative Report - Redecoration of benches and planters at Romiley Precinct ref: 566920/06/202229/06/20220
Road Safety Around Schools - Gatley Primary School ref: 566521/06/202229/06/20220
Application for the use of Romiley Recreation Ground - 25 June 2022 ref: 567020/06/202220/06/2022Not for call-in
Residents Parking Scheme - Bulkeley Road, Newboult Road, Frances Street and New Hey Road, Cheadle ref: 566421/06/202229/06/20220
Brookfield Park Shiers Family Trust Annual Report 2021/22 ref: 566321/06/202229/06/20220
Lansdowne Avenue, Romiley - Proposed Traffic Regulation Order 'No Waiting At Any Time' ref: 566820/06/202229/06/20220
Appointment of councillors to the Brookfield Park Shiers Family Trust Sub Committee ref: 566221/06/202229/06/20220
Arundel Avenue, Hazel Grove ref: 565321/06/202229/06/20220
Annable Road, Bredbury - Proposed Traffic Regulation Order 'No Waiting At Any Time' ref: 566620/06/202229/06/20220
Dropped Kerbs - Catherine Street, Hazel Grove ref: 565421/06/202229/06/20220
Appointment to Outside Bodies ref: 570122/06/202222/06/2022Not for call-in
Nominations to Outside Bodies ref: 565621/06/202229/06/20220
Proposals for the use of 'commuted sums' to support the cost of acquiring and refurbishing 4 x 2 bed flats located within SMBC's blocks which will then be let out at social rent ref: 567421/06/202229/06/20220
Cheadle Town Fund - Walking and Cycling Measures - Proposed Sparrow Crossing, Cheadle Road, Cheadle ref: 562822/03/202229/06/20220
Cheadle Towns Fund - Cheadle Railway Station and Cycling and Walking Consultation Results ref: 567507/12/202129/06/20220
Ward Flexibility Funding – Adswood Baby Club (ABC) ref: 564515/06/202215/06/2022Not for call-in
Ward Flexibility Funding – Positive Arts Stockport ref: 564415/06/202215/06/2022Not for call-in