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Designate Peel Moat Open Space playground and trim trail as a Local Green Space and remove the “ developable” designation

We, the undersigned Request the Peel Moat Open Space playground and trim trial is designated as a Local Green Space and the current developable designation is removed.

1. Peel Moat Open Space playground and trim trail under the current SMBC plan is designated for development, with the building of 35 residential properties proposed on the Peel Moat Open Space site.
2.The aim of this petition is to secure the site now as a community focused local recreation and green space. This would enable over time for the site to be further enhanced by volunteers and donor funding as a community asset by requesting SMBC remove the current developable designation and replace it with a Local Green Space (LGS) designation which would a afford a degree of protection from development. For the purposes of this proposal the boundary of the requested LGS is the existing playground, trim trail including the grassed areas and the adjacent swale.
4.SMBC Planning Policy Department has stated a rewrite of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) and the Local Plan has commenced and will include a consultation period. This is the opportunity to identify sites for Local Green Space status and to have a site removed from the list of potentially “developable” sites.
5. The revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) came into force in July 2018. The NPPF advocates “a presumption in favour of sustainable development and identifies the three dimensions of sustainable development as economic, social and environmental. Access to high quality open spaces and opportunities for sport and recreation are highlighted as an important aspect of healthy communities and helping to improve biodiversity, thereby contributing to sustainable development”.
6. For an LGS designation to be achieved it should meet the following criteria:
• reasonably close proximity to the community it serves.
• demonstrably special to a local community and holds a particular local significance.
• recreational value (including as a playing field).
• tranquillity or richness of its wildlife.
• local in character
• not an extensive tract of land.
7.The proposed LGS is a very popular and well used resource. It is very close to extensive residential housing across the Heatons and beyond, and benefits from a number of pedestrian and cycle routes with the potential to enhance the existing green chain. Heaton Manor estate (262 dwellings) has pedestrian access points to the proposed LGS and at its nearest point is 50m from the site. Harmsworth Drive and the adjoining roads are with 50m of the proposed LGS. Burnage is accessed via a footpath across the Heaton Moor Golf course. Within a 1km radius of the proposed LGS there are numerous residential dwellings. There is convenient pedestrian and cycle access over the railway line which runs parallel to Tatton Road and four pelican crossings over the A6 which ease pedestrian access from Heaton Chapel and Reddish. There are extensive interconnected and far-reaching non-vehicular routes linked to the site, as detailed in the strategic walking network and the TfGM interactive map http://tfgm.pindarcreative.co.uk/
8.The current developable designation of the site is inappropriate it being better suited to the current use as a popular and well used playground/trim trail and community space, which if designated as an LGS would be preserved for the local community and more likely to attract donor support to further the develop the site with the support of the FPMOS. The site meets the criteria for designation as an LGS. Taking these factors into account and the unsuitability of the site for residential development it is requested the current designation is replaced with an LGS designation.

This ePetition runs from 27/03/2024 to 01/08/2024.

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