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Removal of double yellow lines on Orchard Street, SK1 1YR

We, the undersigned Removed the double yellow lines directly outside the homes of 18-30 Orchard Street.

There has recently been a development on the Hopes Carr land which saw an introduction of approx 14 families, but due to lack of space and a section of the land sold to properties on another street nearby, all households have been limited to 1 parking space. Up until recently the double yellows were not enforced and made the street a sociable place as visitors could park outside. Due to the surrounding area also being double yellows it is impossible to have visitors around without the need to park miles away.

There has also been car thefts in the area recently and having to park your car in place far away which cannot be monitored adds to the anxiety of your property being damaged or stolen.

The development also doesn’t have capacity for electric vehicle chargers so parking outside our homes would allow us to do so.

This ePetition ran from 21/02/2024 to 03/04/2024 and has now finished.

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