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Stop Wilmslow Road Tree Removal (SK8 Heald Green)

We, the undersigned We strongly request the Council to reconsider the removal of trees along Wilmslow Road to permit a wider footpath and cycle path for Bloor Homes to discharge a planning condition. This involves removing some very old, special and beautiful trees we need in this area.

It makes no sense to introduce a cycle path right outside people’s houses and on a pedestrian footpath by a road. Has there been a traffic survey undertaken to record the data benefits of doing this, what are the deliverable benefits of removing these trees and enlarging this footpath? We need to see and understand this data. The cycle path will involve stopping at road junctions, has this been risk assessed for health and safety? The 3 to 1 replacement cannot be achieved here, so 13 trees will be removed and replaced with proposed 8 brand new smaller trees. Some of these trees are very old, how will removing these be offset with only 8 brand new trees? This proposal does not seem well considered at all.

This ePetition ran from 16/12/2022 to 30/03/2023 and has now finished.

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