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Save the Crucible Snooker Club

We, the undersigned Wish Stockport Council to strongly consider the implications that granting planning permission for apartments at the current site of the Crucible Snooker Club will have on the hundreds of members and visitors to the Crucible.

Myself and dozens of other members of the Crucible have been playing at the club for years and years. The club is a great social environment that has been a long-standing club for the residents of Stockport to visit. The club has various pool and snooker teams, who depend on the club to provide a venue for weekly matches to be played, not to mention the loyal and committed staff who make this possible. We feel that Stockport Council need to bear in mind the implications that allowing affordable housing on such a large scale will have on the Crucible, as well as the many other businesses in the area. We feel that this proposal is unique in comparison to other developments such as Piccadilly View on Norbury Street and the Mandale development on Exchange Street, and therefore is not a suitable location based on its current successful usage.

This ePetition runs from 28/05/2019 to 31/07/2024.

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