Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
STAR Procurement Collaboration and Executive Joint Committee26/05/2023For Determination13/07/2023
Former Ritz Cinema Car Park, Fletcher Street Update26/05/2023For Determination27/06/2023
Stockport Exchange Phase 526/05/2023For Determination27/06/2023
Stockport Mayoral Development Corporation Business Plan 2023-2826/05/2023For Determination27/06/2023
Scrutiny Review Sewage In Rivers And Waterways October 2022 to March 202326/05/2023For Determination27/06/2023
TLC Transformation Update26/05/2023For Determination27/06/2023
Greater Manchester Bee Network Committee26/05/2023For Determination13/07/2023
Treasury Management Annual Report 2022/2326/05/2023For Determination04/10/2023
Next Stop Stockport26/05/2023For Determination27/06/2023
Moving Traffic Offences Enforcement Report26/05/2023For Determination27/06/2023
Medium Term Financial Plan – Financial Landscape and Forecasts 2024/25 to 2026/2726/05/2023For Determination22/02/2024
Cabinet Response: Responding to Medium Term Financial Plan26/05/2023For Determination30/01/2024
Part A: Medium Term Financial Plan Update and Part B: Cabinet Response: Responding to Our Medium Term Financial Plan26/05/2023For Determination19/09/2023
Greek Street and Stockholm Bridges13/02/2023For Determination19/09/2023
Schools Strategy19/08/2022For Determination19/09/2023
Ash Hotel Development, Heaton Chapel15/01/2021For Determination15/01/2021