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Adswood Depot: Proposed Acquisition

29/06/2022 - Adswood Depot: Proposed Acquisition

The Cabinet considered an update on the current status of the Council’s two principal operational depot sites and a recommendation to consolidate the majority of operations currently located at Bird Hall Lane depot at the Adswood Depot and has:-


(1) Noted the current status of the Adswood and Bird Hall Lane depot sites and provide any comments.


(2) Supported the proposed purchase of the freehold interest in the Adswood depot site on the terms outlined in Confidential Appendix C.


(3) Authorised the Deputy Chief Executive to secure capital financing through prudential borrowing to complete the purchase.


(4) Delegated authority to the Director of Development and Regeneration and the Deputy Chief Executive, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Finance & Resources to complete the purchase subject to satisfactory pre-acquisition due diligence.