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Brookfield Park Shiers Family Trust Annual Report 2021/22

22/06/2022 - Brookfield Park Shiers Family Trust Annual Report 2021/22

The Area Committee has:-


(1) Noted the report.


(2) Adopted the Financial Accounts of the Brookfield Park Shiers Family Trust for year ending 31 March 2022.


(3) With regard to the policy and distribution of the Trust, adopted the following in addition to the existing guidelines:


·         That the usual grant award amount of £1,000/ £1,500 per organisation be removed and that no figure be set as a guideline, but applications and their grant award amounts submitted be considered on a case by case basis.

·         That the guidelines for the distribution of monies from the Trust be expanded to include, but not be limited to, the fact that the Area Committee expect innovation, imagination and good presentations in applications for proposed projects, and that proposed projects work for the good and betterment of the community.


(4) Confirmed support for the existing aims that projects should seek to support, specifically:-


·         Address the effect of loneliness amongst elderly residents and the consequential effect on their health.

·         Support children and young people, young carers, address loneliness amongst children and young people, and support sports groups for people of all ages.


(5) Agreed to continue with the current investment policy.