Issue - decisions

Edgeley Park

17/03/2022 - Edgeley Park (RCG48)

The Cabinet has considered an overview of Stockport County’s ambitions for growth over the next 5-10 years and associated proposals for the grant of a long leasehold interest in Edgeley Park to Stockport County 2010 Ltd, and has:-


(1) Endorsed the progress to date by the Club in bringing forward investment in players and facilities and developing community partnerships.


(2) Endorsed the Club’s vision for the growth and development of the Football Club and its associated community activities for the long-term benefit of residents, the wider area, and the town as a whole.


(3) Given approval to the proposal to create a Strategic Partnership between the Council and the Club based on the principles set out in this report.


(4) Delegated authority to the Deputy Chief Executive in consultation with the Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Resources, Commissioning and Governance to approve the final terms of a long lease of Edgeley Park to Stockport County 2010 Ltd in return for a premium of £2.157m


(5) Delegated authority to the Strategic Head of Service (Legal & Democratic Governance) to do all things necessary or incidental to the implementation of the above-mentioned resolutions.