Issue - decisions

Scrutiny Co-ordination Committee, Scrutiny Review Panel - Governance of Outside Bodies

05/05/2021 - To consider recommendations of Scrutiny Committees

The Scrutiny Co-ordination Committee at its meeting on 26 April 2021 considered a report outlining the previous decision of the Scrutiny Committee that it would undertake a Scrutiny Review entitled “The Scrutiny of Outside Bodies” which would include within its remit the governance of those bodies established by the Council to manage or exercise certain functions with regard Totally Local Company, Stockport Homes Limited and Life Leisure; specifically the Contributors Committee, the Member Committee and the Funding Committee.


The Scrutiny Co-ordination Committee noted that the progress made in undertaking this review was behind where it had hoped to be and it was acknowledged that the review could not be completed within the remainder of the current Municipal Year. 


However, it agreed to request that that the Cabinet investigate the current arrangements for the discharge of the governance-related functions relating to the Council’s partner  organisations currently exercised by the Contributors, Funding and Member Committees and to determine whether these remained the most appropriate structures for this purpose in the light of the experience and examples of good practice from elsewhere in the country.


The Cabinet has agreed to undertake such an investigation and has requested the Corporate Directors for Corporate & Support Services and Place develop a response for the Cabinet’s consideration.