Issue - decisions

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

09/12/2020 - Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

The Cabinet has considered a report setting out background information in relation to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and why it was being produced as well as detailing the strategic context in which the plan sat.  The report explored the proposals in a Stockport context, in particular having regard to the need to proceed with the provision of an updated planning framework to support inclusive and sustainable growth.


The Cabinet also gave consideration to the decision of the Council Meeting on Thursday, 3 December 2020 where the Plan and the recommendations contained within the report were rejected insofar as it related to non-executive functions of the Council that the meeting was being called upon to exercise.


In the light of the above, and haivng considered all the available evidence, the Cabinet has agreed to reject the recommendations contained within the report insofar as they related to the exercise of executive functions within its purview.