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Buxton Road, Hazel Grove

06/03/2019 - Buxton Road, Hazel Grove

The Area Committee considered a proposal to introduce No Waiting at Any Time restrictions at the new A6 MARR turning head off Buxton Road in Hazel Grove in order to maintain access for traffic seeking to turn and approved the following Traffic Regulation Order be approved for legal advertising, to be funded from the A6MARR programme, and subject to no objections being received within 21 days from the advertisement date that the following order be made:


No Waiting at Any Time:


Buxton Road (Turning Head Access)


South West side from a point 11 metres South East of the South Easterly kerb line of Mill Lane in a Southerly direction to the first corner point; then South Easterly direction to the lay-by (a total distance of approximately 24 metres following the kerb line).