Issue - decisions

2012/13 Revenue Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan

08/02/2012 - Executive Budget Proposals (incorporating FIN104, FIN105, FIN106)

The Executive Meeting considered the Executive’s Revenue Budget Proposals for 2012/13, Capital Programme Investment Plans and the prospects for the Council’s finances for the medium term up to 2014/15 and has:


 (1) recommended to the Council Meeting that it:


   agree the Budget for 2012/13 set out in Appendix Four of the report, including the adjustments set out in section five of this report (detailed at Appendix Five);

   note the financial forecasts for 2013/14 and 2014/15, and the key issues to be addressed in formulating a response to the continuing financial challenges facing the Council;

   pass the appropriate Council Tax resolutions which produce a Council Tax freeze for Council services as illustrated at Appendix Eleven of the report;

   approve the 2012/13 to 2014/15 capital programme and the funding arrangements set out at Appendix Nine of the report;

   approve the prudential indicators set out in Appendix Ten of the report;

   approve the work being carried out on the development of capital projects to enable the Executive to be able to review, revise and extend its capital programme during 2012/13; and

   note the risk assessment of the budget at Appendix Seven and the report of the Corporate Director, Corporate and Support Services on the adequacy of proposed financial reserves and robustness of the estimates included at Appendix Eight of the report


(2) approved the amendments to the schedule of Fees and Charges for 2012/13 (as set out at Annex One) subject to the removal of the £54 charge for the removal of sharps/needles from occupied domestic premises

where they have been illegally dumped (not including the collection of sharps/needles that have been used by the occupiers of the household nor house clearances or commercial premises).