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Medium Term Financial Plan - Executive Proposals

19/12/2011 - Medium Term Financial Plan - Executive Proposals (FIN100)

The Executive Meeting considered proposals to achieve the indicative savings requirements necessary to achieve a balanced budget for 2012-13 including details of responses to extensive consultation with staff, stakeholders and the public on the proposals and agreed that


(i)            the results of the various consultation exercises, including the comments of Scrutiny Committee from December 2011 undertaken in relation to the savings proposals put forward in September 2011 and the changes that are proposed in response to the consultation be noted;

(ii)          the saving proposals as set out in the report and listed in Appendix Three be agreed for implementation;

(iii)         the recommendations set out in Appendix Six regarding TUPE transfers between the Council and its associated bodies be agreed;

(iv)         the Chief Executive and Corporate Directors be asked, in consultation with the relevant Executive Councillors, to implement the delivery of the proposals, and

(v)          the necessary steps continue to be taken to agree a final balanced budget proposal for 2012-13 and an updated Medium Term Financial Plan to 2014-15 for presentation to the Budget Council Meeting in February 2012.