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Asset Management Plan 2024-2025

13/03/2024 - Asset Management Plan 2024-2025 (F&R31)

The Cabinet considered a proposed Asset Management Plan (AMP) for 2023/24 setting out details of the capital programme for 2024/25 and the indicative programmes for future years, and has:-


(1) Approved the programme for 2024-25 and the financing thereof, and the Indicative AMP programme for future years, as set out in the report;


(2) Approved the application of corporate resources to fund the AMP programme 2024/25 onwards; with the application of funding types (capital receipts and borrowing) being delegated to the Deputy Chief Executive (S151 Officer) in conjunction with the Capital Board;


(3) Authorised the Director of Regeneration & Development to award construction contracts as required to deliver the works programme.