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Public Question Time

Members of the public are invited to put questions to the Chair of the Area Committee on any matters within the powers and duties of the Area Committee, subject to the exclusions set out in the Code of Practice (Questions must be submitted prior to the commencement of the meeting on the cards provided. These are available the meeting. You can also submit via the Council’s website at


Members of the public were invited to submit questions to the Chair of the Area Committee on any matters within the powers and duties of the Area Committee, subject to the exclusions set out in the Code of Practice.


Five public questions were submitted as follows –


·       Relating to the removal of speed cushions from two sections of Windlehurst Road, and what actions Members intended to take regarding this.


In response, it was stated that there was a complex legal matter involved as the speed cushions were originally entered as part of mitigation measures of the A555. Members understood that legal implications had now been addressed, and Highways would be scheduling this in the coming weeks. Members noted that while this had been pushed at every meeting with Highways officers, this process had to be followed.


·       Relating to the public feedback given to the Marple Civic Society about the lack of information regarding timelines, proposals, and consultation on the Leisure Hub, the Town Centre and Traffic plan, the old pool site, and interim library provisions following rumoured closure. It was queried whether Members could address rumours, provide specific details about these four issues, confirm the approach of Stockport Council and officers to these, and outline how they envisioned this working in practice.


In response, the following comments were made/issues raised: -


·       Members would ensure there was public engagement at all stages regarding how this would progress.

·       It was confirmed that there would be continuity with library facilities in Marple.

·       It was stated that a capital receipt was required for the current Marple Baths to help fund the Hub, but that officers were looking into possible options regarding future use. As soon as Members knew, they would pass this on to the public. 

·       Members stated that they would not engage with anonymous members on social media, but that the public knew how they could contact Members in practice.

·       Members stated that they aimed to improve communication in future, and welcomed the sharing of feedback. Updates would be provided at every or every other Area Committee meeting.

·       It was commented that an agreed statement on the Hub and pool was made at every meeting, which would inform residents of progress. These statements were visible on social media platforms.

·       Members praised the Civic Society and stated that they would be happy to attend a meeting of the society if an invitation was extended.

·       The representative of the Civic Society welcomed Members to attend Society meetings.


·       Relating to private hedges over public pavements including on Winnington Road, and what action the Council could take to alter the situation.


It was responded that there was a process including getting in contact with landowners and giving them reasonable time to comply, after which the Council could take action themselves and charge the landowner. Members recommended that they report the hedges on the council website and speak to Members as they may be able to speak to the individual directly.


·       Regarding the ongoing installation of surveillance cameras, and whether a database of installations and dates could be provided and an explanation for the installations given.


Members responded that this is the jurisdiction of TFGM and the Greater Manchester Council, and that the Leader had already queried this and had yet to receive a response. Members commented that they would support the Committee to directly ask the Greater Manchester Mayor these questions.


The resident responded that it was concerning that Stockport Council did not have control of the CCTV.


·       Regarding funding for road closures for the Ride of Remembrance, and whether Members could verify that if funding was provided by the Committee in one year, it could not be applied for again the next year.


Members stated that it would be best for Members to look into it and that the longevity could be discussed following this contact. Members stated that this could be a possible use of the £10,000 extra funding per Ward for social and environmental projects. It was stated that if Members should be contacted and consideration could be given to committing some of the funds for that purpose.