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One Stockport Borough Plan

To consider a joint report of the Leader of the Council & Cabinet Member for Devolution and the Deputy Leader of the Council & Cabinet Member for Resources, Commissioning & Governance.


This report covers how partners across Stockport have approached the development of a shared borough plan, including an overview of the insight which has informed the development of the priorities, and introduces a draft borough plan for scrutiny comment and consideration. The draft plan is being shared with all scrutiny committees and comment is invited on the whole plan however to support discussions Table 1 indicates where borough plan priorities more directly relate to the remit of this committee. The draft plan is also accompanied by a full engagement report (appendix 1) and an equality impact assessment (appendix 2).


The Area Committee is recommended to comment on and note the report.


Officer contact: Holly Rae on 0161 474 3014 or email:


A representative of the Corporate Director (Corporate and Support Services) and Deputy Chief Executive submitted a report (copies of which had been circulated) providing an update on the campaign to date, an outline of Phase 2 and also sought to gain support from all wards and set out how Members and their communities could get involved going forward.


As part of the Council’s economic recovery work and ongoing engagement with the community and voluntary sectors, the One Stockport campaign had been launched in Spring 2020. The campaign’s overarching aims were to support local businesses, connect our communities, and promote health and wellbeing. In addition, the campaign aimed to ensure a coordinated approach to consider how Stockport could build back better.


Kirsteen Roe (Service Director – Citizen Focus, Stockport Council) attended the meeting and made a presentation on the One Stockport campaign.


The following comments were made/issues raised:


·         Members felt that it was important to develop the idea of localities and suggested that these should be examined further.  It may be that smaller localities would work better, particularly in terms of examining levels of deprivation.  Members requested more detail was included relating to retail and employment

·         Members commented that it may be necessary to move away from long term plans and have a more agile approach.

·         Members welcomed the aspiration of the plan to make it connect locally and acknowledged that the plan was a work in progress which would need to be reviewed and adapted regularly.

·         It was important that district centres were developed and made viable for the longer term, and that neighbourhoods and communities were brought together.

·         It was important that measures were introduced which enabled Officers to gauge the impact that the plan had.

·         Members were advised that the aim was to ‘bring the plan to life’ by using photographs and case studies.


RESOLVED – That the report be noted.


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