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Impacts of COVID-19 on health and wellbeing in Stockport

To consider the report of the Director of Public Health


This report provides an analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for Stockport.


The Board is recommended to consider and note the report.


Officer contact: Eleanor Banister on 0161 474 2447 or


Jennifer Connolly (Director of Public Health) submitted a report (copies of which had been circulated providing an analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for Stockport.


Mark Fitton (Director of Operational Social Care) informed the Board that work on the winter plan had been undertaken over the last 6 weeks and arrangements were being made for the ten local authority areas to submit their winter plans to Greater Manchester. He stated that further discussions were scheduled to be held with the Urgent Mersey Care Delivery Board and that around 92 initiatives were ongoing with discussions taking place regarding the funding. He also stated that the initiatives were divided into 4 main areas in order to understand the impact and some initiatives were already being delivered including the Bramhall Manor, UTC Light, Covid Hot Clinics and Direct Bookings (NHS 111), and these would have an impact over the winter. 26 of the initiatives have been agreed and were in the process of being delivered including the clinical assessment service, enhanced mental health support, enhanced care home support service, all age mental health liaison, improving internal flows in the Trust, additional roles for Primary Care Networks, dealing with the continued health care assessment backlog, extension for the end of life service and Urgent & Mersey Care by appointment.


Adrian Belton informed the Board that the initiative ‘111 First’, had been rolled out across Manchester with implementation in Stockport due toward the end of October 2020 and it was noted that over 60% of arrivals to Accident & Emergency is not necessary, so to reduce the unwarranted demand on the service the ‘111 First’ initiative has been rolled out. In response, Sue Carroll stated that the ‘111 First’ initiative was already piloted in Blackpool and Warrington and the response has been a great help and was making a difference.


The Chair, informed the Board that a detailed report would be submitted to the next meeting being held in November 2020.


Jennifer Connolly (Director of Public Health) provided the Board with an update relating to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for Stockport and highlighted the following: -


·         17,600 people in Stockport have been infected with coronavirus with risk of severe impact increasing significantly for older people;

·         Some wards have had higher rates than others, but there are no hotspots identified across the borough;

·         18% of diagnosed cases have been linked to care homes with outbreaks reported in 44 care homes;

·         500 Stockport residents were admitted to hospital as a result of Covid-19 with at least 270 people being discharged back into the community;

·         There have been around 360 deaths due to Covid-19 with around 19% more deaths in 2020 than would have been expected;

·         Mortality rates in Greater Manchester and Stockport was higher than the national average;

·         11,203 people in Stockport have been advised to shield in Stockport with 5% of these aged 18 or under, 52% aged 19-65 and 43% aged 70+;

·         Some of the negative impacts on people include depression,  musculoskeletal disorders and reported levels of domestic abuse and suicide;

·         Parents of new babies and school aged children were worried about the impact of the pandemic on their children;

·         People have reported higher levels of alcohol consumption, but also lower levels of smoking; and

·         42,200 jobs have been furloughed in Stockport with 77% being in the accommodation and food services sector.


The following comments were made/issues raised: -


·         The Board congratulated the team on a well written report that was very informative and transparent and requested that the team be thanked.

·         It was commented that the context of the report had changed in the last 6 months and that it would impact the future winter months ahead.

·         Concern was expressed regarding the build-up of people awaiting treatment or suffering from medical conditions and whether the Board would be doing anything to mitigate these concerns. In response, it was noted that the public messaging was important and would be supported to encourage people to seek medical treatment when needed.

·         It was noted that two main reasons for missing appointments were mental health issues and muscular skeletal and as one of the biggest employers in Stockport, the Council should be lead on addressing the issues at this time. In response, it was noted that an emotional health and wellbeing leaflet had been collated and was being circulated to the community and the Board were invited to promote the information. It was also stated that the Council had conducted risk assessments for its staff and would be using the data to address any issues raised.

·         It was commented that the 42,200 residents that had been furloughed in Stockport needed to be looked at in more detail as a large number of people commute into Stockport from other areas and maybe non-Stockport residents.

·         Concern was expressed for the children in education in Stockport and their mental health and wellbeing as over 39,000 children returned to school each day. It was noted that entire year groups with several hundred children had been asked to isolate and there needed to be a better understanding of what was happening in these schools. In response, it was noted that more robust data and evidence would be included in future reports and monitoring.

·         It was noted that given the details and information in the presentation, that the Board should take the opportunity to discuss at an informal meeting specific areas to focus on e.g. deprivation. In response, it was commented that it would be up to the Board to determine how the information is taken forward.

·         Clarification was sought regarding how frequent the Board would receive updates going forward. In response, it was noted that some flexibility to monitor the data would be required, but quarterly seemed appropriate unless there was something specific the Board wanted an update on.


RESOLVED – (1) That the report be noted.


(2) That this work should continue, and identify areas of focus for further and future analysis.


(3) That this first draft report be released for public consultation via the Stockport CCG Have Your Say hub and shared with members of the public, partners and VCSE community organisations for their input.


(4) That plans for recovery and panning for future waves should focus on mitigating the inequalities identified in this report.

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