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CQC Report - Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

To consider a report of the Care Quality Commission relating to the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust.


Arian Belton (Chair, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust) and Louise Robson (Chief Executive, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust) presented the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Report relating to the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust.


The following comments were made/issues raised:-


·         The Board expressed its appreciation to the 5,500 staff at the Trust and the other thousands of staff around the Borough for the work done as key workers and their sacrifice and commitment.

·         The leadership and governance priorities as identified are key, but how are staff going to understand the priorities being driven for change. In response it was commented that recruitment was underway for senior positions at the Trust to get the right people at the Trust and there was now an understanding that change was necessary and following a detailed consultation with the 3,500 members of staff to develop the vision for the Trust was now being embedded into the culture and behaviours of the Trust.

·         The Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) offered its support to the Trust to support the detailed action planning if required.

·         Would there be any campaigns to attract the workforce to Stockport and the Trust. In response it was commented that there were 170 nursing vacancies currently at the Trust, but there were long term plans to recruit and train nurses in the future. Safeguarding training was also being improved following the recruitment of a Chief Nurse for both adult and children.

·         Clinical Leadership at the Trust has improved and organisations are working differently but when clinicians meet together a lot of good ideas are shared, but how could pathways be created and built to create good systems and processes. In response, it was commented that relationships are improving and the multi-disciplinary teams at the Trust are being encouraged to engage, share improvement work and work together in a practical manner going forward.

·         It was noted that the Primary Care Nursing Research (PCNR) would be the units for delivery in the long term plans with the Clinical Chairs there to support the integrated approach and would welcome working with the community and adult social care community.

·         It was commented that the Urgent to Emergency Care Board recently met and the CCG agreed to lead on the development of the winter plan working with system partners including the Chief Executive of the Viaduct and the Medical Director.

·         It was noted that the structural and systematic changes being made would be welcome for the cultural changes to take place.

·         Clarification was sought as to whether there had been any implementation of safeguarding supervisions and if the broader safeguarding processes would be reviewed. In response, it was commented that there have already been some assurances put in place relating to the needs of vulnerable children and further monitoring would be conducted.

·         Clarification was also sought regarding the vision and strategy for Children Services. In response, it was commented that the strategy for Children Services related to Paediatric Services and Gynaecology Services at the Trust and not changing the models that have been previously assessed.

·         It was commented that the report referenced the inadequate emergency services and whether there was a date confirmed for a different approach to be adopted. In response, it was commented that improvements were required to be completed by the end of May 2020 together with evidence to provide assurance to the CQC and not just a tick box exercise, but to also provide assurance to the staff and organisation. There was a second phase scheduled as well that will require improvements and evidence gathering to mid-2021.

·         It was noted that HealthWatch were available to support the Trust with views and experiences of service users that could be utilised and would be prepared to assist if required.

·         Clarification was sought on whether the learnings from the CQC report had been passed onto Public Health to assist and support their local outbreak plans. In response, it was commented that there had been a close relationship with mechanisms in place to monitor progress and share experiences and information with Public Health. It was also stated that there was a tactical and co-ordinating group reporting into the strategic co-ordinating group to share ways of learning supporting the local outbreak plans. There are also other Boards that have been established to link into the collective borough response to deploy resources if necessary.

·         It was noted that the data and surveys acquired could be fed into the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) for a more strategic approach across the borough.

·         It was noted that over the last 15 months there has been a real difference in approach and leadership style at the Trust which has been welcomed by Stockport Council.

·         It was commented that a mark of success would be speaking about people pathways, people management, resident focus and resident experiences with a core production approach. In response, it was commented that there needed to be a patient and community voice with a broader approach. It was also stated that the Trust’s Clinical Advisory Group has been meeting seven days a week and have already taken over 300 decisions while assessing the quality and equality impact of those decisions.

·         It was commented that in the report it highlighted that there needed to be a review of the Trust policy regarding the management of violence and aggression toward staff. In response, it was commented that as part of the Trust’s wider review it was included and there was ongoing checks being made and work being done with the Police in terms of reporting and investigations.


The Board thanked everyone for being involved in the meeting and sharing ideas, experiences and putting aside organisational differences to focus on the improvements and actions of the Trust and to constructively support the vision and values going forward.


RESOLVED – That the report and proposed actions be noted.

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