Agenda item

Public Question Time

To receive any questions from and provide answers to the public in relation to matters relevant to the Council’s activities.


Members of the public were invited to put questions to the Mayor and Councillors on matters within the powers and duties of the Council.


Eleven public questions were submitted concerning:-


·         Proposals for the construction of all-weather pitches at Peel Moat Leisure Centre for the needs of a proposed housing development and why existing recreation facilities were not being repaired for the benefit of all residents.


The Executive Councillor (Leisure) responded that the proposals formed part of the redevelopment plans for that area which had yet to be confirmed and were part of a range of options which were under consideration.


·         The number of responses made to the Leisure Strategy consultation.


The Executive Councillor (Leisure) advised that figures in relation to the number of responses would be made available following the end of the consultation period.


·         Whether the Council had consulted local health providers as part of the consultation on the Leisure Strategy.


The Executive Councillor (Leisure) responded that all residents had been invited to respond to the consultation, but that this had not extended to individual invitations to particular persons.


·         The rationale for the proposed closure of the Peel Moat Leisure Centre and its implications.


The Executive Councillor (Leisure) stated that as part of the consultation, the Council was keen to hear and consider all points of view on the proposals and that all user groups would be part of this process.


·         Whether residents of the Heatons were being discriminated against in leisure provision.


The Executive Councillor (Leisure) commented that an Equality Impact Assessment would form part of the decision-making process and the Council was committed to ensuring that residents from Priority Areas would be able to access a range of leisure facilities.


·         The length of time taken to repair defective lights in the sports hall at Peel Moat Leisure Centre.


The Executive Councillor (Leisure) replied that the repairs to the lighting in the centre formed part ongoing repairs which would be completed by 18 November 2011.


·         Whether the perceived dilapidation of many leisure centres in the Borough reflected on their management.


The Executive Councillor (Leisure) responded that the Council owned a number of buildings and that there was a need to prioritise funds to address those areas of greatest need.  It was further commented that that there was now an opportunity to invest in leisure facilities in the borough to ensure that they were fit for purpose for the future.


·         How the closure of Peel Moat Leisure Centre would impact on the ‘green agenda’ as a result of users needing to use vehicular transport to attend alternative facilities.


The Executive Councillor (Leisure) advised that many users already used private transport to access Peel Moat Leisure Centre.  However, there would be investigations undertaken in relation to the range of public transport options that would be available to users to get to alternative leisure provision.


·         Following the outcome of a judicial review in respect of the abolition of the Offerton Park Parish Council, whether the Council Meeting was aware of perceptions of political opportunism from some groups.


The Leader of the Council stated that it would not be unreasonable for some residents to have formed the view that the activities of some political groups in the parish was opportunistic and that those groups needed to form a view on whether they supported or opposed the abolition of the Parish Council.


·         What steps were being taken to abolish the Offerton Park Parish Council in the light of fact that this was the wish of the majority of local people.


The Leader of the Council responded that a group of ten residents had stood for election in the Parish on the basis of ‘No More Parish, No More Bills’ which would provide an opportunity for residents to express their views on the future of the Offerton Park Parish Council.


·         The rationale for the establishment of Stockport Homes and its pension fund liabilities.


As the questioner was not present at the meeting, in accordance with the Code of Practice, it was stated that a written response would be provided.