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Information about Executive

NOTE: This page contains archive material.  Since May 2017, the Executive has been referred to as the Cabinet and you can find details of current Cabinet meetings here.


The Executive is the main decision making body of the Council.

It is responsible for the strategic management of Council services, and consists of an Executive Leader and 7 other Executive Councillors, each of whom holds an Executive Portfolio covering a particular service area. You can view details of these responsibilities can be found on the website.

Most important decisions are made by the Executive collectively, although Executive Councillors can take some decisions individually within their area of responsibility.

The Executive usually meets every six weeks in public in the Town Hall, Stockport.


Members of the public can submit questions to the Executive on any matters within its powers and duties (excluding legal issues and other confidential matters). Questions must be submitted in writing in advance of the meeting (no later than 30 minutes before the meeting starts). You can submit a question and view the Code of Practice using the online question form.

The Forward Plan is published every month and lists key decisions to be made by the Executive within the following four months to allow at least 28 clear days’ notice. The Forward Plan is available to view on the website. Where a decision needs to be taken more urgently so that giving 28 days’ notice is impractical, a General Exception Notice or Special Urgency Notice will be published and these will be available to view on the website also.


The Executive is required to give advanced notice if there is likely to be confidential or ‘exempt’ information considered at one of its meetings, and the public may need to be excluded for that part of the meeting. Members of the public will be able to make representations about this before the meeting and these will then be considered by the Executive before a decision is made to exclude the public. Where a decision needs to be taken more urgently so that giving 28 days’ notice is impractical a notice will be published on the setting out the reasons. These notices can be found on the website.