Council Meeting
Thursday, 7th October, 2021 6.00 pm

Venue: Ballroom - Town Hall. View directions

Contact: Damian Eaton.  (0161 474 3207)


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Formalities and Announcements

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 330 KB

To approve as a correct record and sign the Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 15 July 2021.

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Urgent Decisions

To report any urgent action taken under the Constitution since the last meeting of the Council.

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Mayor's Announcements

To receive announcements from the Mayor.

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Declarations of Interest

Councillors and officers to declare any interests which they may have in any of the items on the Summons for the meeting.

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Community Engagement

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Public Question Time

To receive any questions from and provide answers to the public in relation to matters relevant to the Council’s activities.

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Petitions and Presentations

To receive petitions, and by prior arrangement, receive delegations and presentations from members of the public, community groups or partnership organisations.


No such arrangements have been made for this meeting.

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Joint Authorities

(a)       Greater Manchester Police, Fire and Crime Panel


Councillor Amanda Peers to answer questions, if any, on the business of the Greater Manchester Police, Fire and Crime Panel.


(b)       Greater Manchester Combined Authority


The following councillors to answer questions (if any) on the business of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority:-


Greater Manchester Combined Authority            - Councillor Elise Wilson

Greater Manchester Transport Committee          - Councillor David Meller

Greater Manchester Waste Committee               - Councillor Roy Driver

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General Business

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Proposed Business Programme for 2022/23 pdf icon PDF 30 KB

To consider a report of the Cabinet Members for Resources, Commissioning & Governance.

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Annual Report on Complaints relating to Councillors Conduct in 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 146 KB

To consider a report of the Chair of the Standards Committee.

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Leader's Report and Cabinet Question Time

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Cabinet Business

To receive a report from the Leader of the Council and other members of the Cabinet on the conduct of Cabinet business since the last Council Meeting.

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To answer questions and receive comments from Councillors addressed to the Leader of the Council or other members of the Cabinet, in accordance with Council Meeting Procedure Rule 11.

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 227 KB

To receive the Minutes of the Cabinet held on 20 July and 21 September 2021 (pages) and the record of executive decisions taken since the last Council Meeting, (schedule enclosed, decisions previously circulated) and consider any recommendations they contain.

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To receive a report from the Chairs of the Scrutiny Committees on the conduct of Scrutiny business.

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Scrutiny Business

To receive a report from the Chairs of the Scrutiny Committees on the conduct of Scrutiny business.

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To answer questions from Councillors addressed to the Scrutiny Chairs, in accordance with Council Meeting Procedure Rule 11.

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 235 KB

To receive the Minutes of the following Scrutiny Committees:-


Adult Social Care & Health – 17 June and 9 September 2021           

Children & Families – 16 June and 8 September 2021

Communities & Housing – 14 June, 1 July and 6 September 202

Corporate, Resource Management & Governance – 15 June and 7 September 2021

Economy & Regeneration – 17 June, 30 June, 13 July, 17 August and 9 September 2021

Scrutiny Co-ordination – 21 July and 27 September 2021      

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Scrutiny Annual Report 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 285 KB

To consider a report of the Chair of the Scrutiny Co-ordination Committee.

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Scrutiny Review Topic Selection - 2021/22 pdf icon PDF 129 KB

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Ordinary and Area Committees

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Regulatory Business

To receive a report from the Chairs of the Planning & Highways Regulation and Licensing, Environment & Safety Committees on the conduct of their business since the last Council Meeting.

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To answer questions from Councillors addressed to the Chairs of Ordinary and Area Committees, in accordance with Council Meeting Procedure Rule 11.

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 222 KB

To receive the minutes of the following Ordinary and Area Committees:-


Ordinary Committees


Audit – 14 July and 8 September 2021

Contributors – 27 July 2021

Health & Wellbeing Board – 8 September 2021

Licensing, Environment & Safety – 7 July 2021

Licensing, Environment & Safety Sub – 6 July, 29 July, 12 August , 1 September and 2 September 2021

Member – 5 July 2021

Planning & Highways Regulation – 8 July and 19 August 2021

Standards – 5 July 2021


Area Committees


Bramhall & Cheadle Hulme South – 5 August and 16 September 2021

Central Stockport – 5 August and 16 September 2021

Cheadle – 3 August and 14 September 2021

Heatons & Reddish – 2 August and 13 September 2021

Marple – 4 August and 15 September 2021

Stepping Hill – 3 August and 14 September 2021

Werneth – 2 August and 13 September 2021

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Motions - Notice of which have been given under Council Meeting Procedure Rule 12

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Opposing Voter ID proposals in the Elections Bill

This council meeting notes the Elections Bill currently working through parliament which, in its current form and among other provisions, would require voters to show photographic ID at polling stations.


This council meeting further notes the costs of the new measures are estimated by government to be £8.5m a year, and the cross-party Local Government Association have noted the serious capacity and resilience implications for councils, including the risk that identity checks and the possible refusal of votes may make election staff recruitment even harder than it is already.


This council meeting believes the proposals requiring photographic ID are a sledgehammer to crack a nut.  Enquiries show there have been no cases of suspected electoral fraud in Stockport which have required any form of investigation during at least the past five years, and none are known before that.  In 2019, nationally and across Local, European, Parliamentary and Mayoral elections, 58 million votes were cast.  Of these, there were 33 allegations of impersonation which resulted in one conviction and one caution for people casting votes illegally.  Most years are similar and the Electoral Reform Society have branded this “an expensive distraction”, highlighting the way this would act as a barrier to voting for already disadvantaged groups. 


This council meeting believes the Voter ID proposals will only serve to add barriers for those already least likely to vote and that the resources needed for these proposals to be implemented would be better spent promoting voter registration and encouraging voting across all communities. For this reason, in September 2018 and January 2021 the Corporate Resource Management and Governance Scrutiny Committee resolved not to participate in any trials.


This council meeting therefore resolves to ask the Chief Executive to write to our four local Members of Parliament, noting our opposition to the Voter ID provisions, and asking them to support any amendments to the Bill which would remove these provisions, and to focus instead on promoting voter registration and actually voting, in the interests of ensuring higher participation rates in our already safe and secure elections system.


Moved by:                  Councillor Lisa Smart


Seconded by:           Councillor Mark Hunter

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Making a Climate Action Now Step Change

In the month ahead of the COP26 meeting in Glasgow, this council meeting recalls its declaration of a Climate Emergency through an all-party motion on 28th March 2019.


This council meeting believes progress has been slower than residents would expect and an increase in pace is needed to tackle this issue, where ambition and leadership from the council will be key to taking our community and local industry with us to reach carbon neutrality as quickly as we can.


This council meeting recognises that the past year has been heavily impacted by the pandemic and notes that we have seen how the council can effectively mobilise in an emergency in dealing with Covid19.


This council meeting regrets that this urgency has been less evident in the efforts to address the climate emergency, an issue that remains a considerable threat to the borough.  A threat clearly demonstrated by the extraordinary rain events that led to the near disaster of a breach at Toddbrook Dam which would have been devastating for Stockport as a borough and our neighbours, and of course the many homes that flooded in the days around that time from Romiley, to Cheadle and Bramhall.  There is a cost of failing to act ambitiously and without enough urgency during the first year following the Climate Emergency declaration and before the pandemic struck and it is why we must be bold moving forward. Rapid and extensive reductions in carbon early on will give us more time and buffer to deal with the more challenging aspects and areas of reaching carbon neutrality.


This council meeting welcomes the recent appointment of a climate change officer and notes some progress on the issue, albeit concerns regarding lack of ambition have been raised consistently through council meetings and at scrutiny and, while a focus on carbon reduction has been an important place to start, the declaration of a climate emergency must also consider the local effects of climate change including flooding, district centre heat issues and biodiversity loss moving forward.


This council meeting further welcomes the council’s forthcoming Climate Summit, which has been billed as a transformative opportunity to engage with residents and other local stakeholders to create a new and ambitious approach to the Climate Emergency we all face. This council meeting looks forward to measuring the success of this endeavour and encourages all members to do what they can to help promote the work within their networks and wards so that the event is representative of our communities. Young people will be disproportionately more affected by climate change in their lives, it is important we act for them and with them on this issue and they must be a key focus as the work moves forward.


This Climate Emergency needs to be treated as such and adequate priority now given to it by this administration.


This council meeting therefore resolves to:

·         call on the cabinet member whose wide-ranging responsibilities include Climate Change for a step change in activity in line with the council’s leadership role in our community and to drive forward more ambitious proposals to ensure that Stockport can meet its carbon neutrality target by 2038; setting interim, achievable but ambitious targets for carbon reduction;

·         to accelerate provision of EV charging points across the borough as called for by this council in December 2018 by the Liberal Democrats, taking an open attitude to new technology;

·         take steps to ensure young people are given an effective voice beyond the Climate Summit through consultation with schools and the Youth Council;

·         Call on the Greater Manchester Pension Fund to use the power it has, including its influence as one of the UK’s largest pension funds, to take more of a leadership role to tackle climate change and to accelerate its ambition from being carbon neutral by 2050 to achieving this by 2038, in line with the ambition expressed by all ten local authorities  ...  view the full agenda text for item 7.(ii)

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Stepping Hill Hospital - Stockport NHS Foundation Trust Bid pdf icon PDF 405 KB

This Council Meeting:


·         Welcomes Government investment in the biggest hospital building programme in a generation backed by an initial £3.7bn of funding for new hospitals; and

·         Recognises that competition will be fierce in the latest round of bids submitted.


This Council Meeting notes that:


·         Stepping Hill Hospital first opened 116 years ago in 1905 and has provided valuable service since then, including as a military hospital in the First World War;

·         Stepping Hill Hospital serves the populations of Stockport, East Cheshire and the High Peak in North Derbyshire and currently sees around 500,000 patients a year;

·         As an estate, the Hospital has a number of challenges, partly resulting from its age and the growth in population it serves, including maintenance, layout and accessibility;

·         These challenges mean the hospital does not represent the optimum for delivering 21st century services to the residents of Stockport and beyond;

·         The growth of the hospital has also led to long standing problems for local residents with parking issues on the local streets around the site; and

·         The Government has awarded Stockport NHS Foundation Trust £30.6M to fund an emergency care and pathology campus at Stepping Hill Hospital.


This Council Meeting therefore:


·         Supports Stockport NHS Foundation Trust in their bid for a new hospital located in the Town Centre where it could be more accessible, close to public transport interchanges, and potentially contribute to levelling up and regenerating the Town Centre;

·         Requests, that should the Foundation Trust secure funding, that the Cabinet Member for Economy & Regeneration takes action to ensure that the Stepping Hill Hospital site be considered a strategic site in the Borough and work with partners at the Foundation Trust to consider how any vacated buildings and land could best serve the Borough’s future; and

·         Requests the Chief Executive write to Stockport NHS Foundation Trust to ask that all efforts are made to expedite the delivery of the new emergency campus in recognition of the increased calls on emergency care and to ensure that Stockport residents benefit from this as soon as possible, acknowledging that the journey from initial bid to any potential delivery would be likely to span a number of years.


Moved by:                  Councillor John Wright


Seconded by:           Councillor John McGahan

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