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Dental Services in Stockport

Meeting: 25/11/2021 - Adult Social Care & Health Scrutiny Committee (Item 6)

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To receive an update from representatives of the Dental Services from across Stockport.

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The Director of Primary Care, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, submitted a report (copies of which had been circulated) outlining the provision of, and access to, NHS Primary, Secondary, and Community Dental services and delivery of Oral Health Improvement activity across the locality of Stockport since March 2020. It also highlighted the actions taken to address health inequalities and to improve access to dental services to ensure patients were able to receive dental care and oral health improvement in a safe way.


The following comments were made/issues raised:-


·      Thanked the officers and dental services representatives for a detailed presentation and time in responding to Members questions.

·      Recognised the pressures on the workforce and thanked staff for their dedication and hard work in delivering continued services considering control guidance as a result of the pandemic.

·      Concern was expressed on behalf of residents in relation lack of NHS dental service capacity and withdrawal of the Cheadle Practice from delivering NHS services.

·      Members commented that residents were being encouraged to access private dental practices which was unaffordable for many residents.

·      In response to a question in relation to how residents could access dental care should they require it, Members were informed that in March 2020 all practices were required to provide remote telephone triage services and suspend routine non urgent dental care as part of the national response to limit he transmission of COVID-19. Where patients required urgent, face to face, dental treatment, dental practices referred patients to the urgent dental care sites across GM, four of which were situated in Stockport, through a triage process. Residents were able to speak to a member of staff in urgent care by telephoning 0333 332 3800. It was stated that the urgent care number had been advertised via numerous communication channels and the service welcomed any support from Members to promote the number in their local community.

·      Members queried how the service was managing demand in light of the restrictions on practices. In response, Members were advised that the first priority was to ensure that there was sufficient urgent access care provision throughout the winter period as there had been a notable increase in patient figures accessing urgent care services since the start of the pandemic. To manage the increase in demand, additional call handlers had been recruited and number of appointments increased by commissioning some practices to extend their operating hours until March 2022.

·      It was commented that dentist practices were under a large amount of pressure particularly given the reduction in capacity due to Covid-19 guidance and queried the impact of this on targets. In response it was stated that delivery targets were decreased early in the pandemic to enable the practices to implement infection control mechanisms including training and development.


RESOLVED – (1) That the report be noted.

(2) requested that all public communication materials relating to dental services be shared with Members for circulation.


(3) requested a briefing note outlining the triage process and customer journey be shared with Members.

Meeting: 14/10/2021 - Adult Social Care & Health Scrutiny Committee (Item 5)

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To receive an update from representatives of the Dental Services from across Stockport.

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RESOLVED – That consideration of this item be deferred to the next meeting of the Scrutiny Committee.