Issue - meetings


Meeting: 25/05/2021 - Council Meeting (Item 17)


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At 3.44 pm it was


RESOLVED – That the meeting be adjourned.


The meeting reconvened at 6.00 pm on Thursday, 27 May 2021.




The Mayor (Councillor Adrian Nottingham); the Deputy Mayor (Councillor David Wilson); Councillors Shan Alexander, Malcolm Allan, Lou Ankers, Paul Ankers, Brian Bagnall, Sheila Bailey, Grace Baynham, Kate Butler, Angie Clark, Laura Clingan, Stuart Corris, Becky Crawford, Dickie Davies, Will Dawson, Roy Driver, Colin Foster, Helen Foster-Grime, Chris Gordon, Graham Greenhalgh, Steve Gribbon, Oliver Harrison, Keith Holloway, Linda Holt, Mark Hunter, Mike Hurleston, Oliver Johnstone, Jilly Julian, Gary Lawson, Colin MacAlister, Carole McCann, John McGahan, Tom McGee, Wendy Meikle, David Meller, Janet Mobbs, Amanda Peers, Iain Roberts, Mark Roberts, Dena Ryness, David Sedgwick, Becky Senior, Lisa Smart, Andy Sorton, Charlie Stewart, John Taylor, Aron Thornley, Sue Thorpe, Alanna Vine, Lisa Walker, Kerry Waters, Jude Wells, Elise Wilson, John Wright, Suzanne Wyatt and Matt Wynne.