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Meeting: 12/08/2020 - Audit Committee (Item 6)

6 Internal Audit Progress Report 1- February to July pdf icon PDF 25 KB

To consider a report of the Corporate Director, Corporate and Support Services.


The report advises Members

Additional documents:


A representative of the Corporate Director, Corporate and Support Services submitted a report (copies of which had been circulated) which advised Members of the resources utilised by Internal Audit during the period, the activities undertaken in the reporting period and the status of work currently being undertaken.


The following comments were made/issues raised:


·         In response to a question raised regarding recruitment to audit vacancies, Members were advised that there was one senior post that was being advertised and it was hoped that this would be filled soon.

·         Members commented on the burden on the audit team with regard to grant issues and whether there were any sectors with a lower take up than expected.  Members were advised that the grant scheme was due to be wound up in the very near future although the team were still receiving some new claims.

·         A short discussion took place relating to performance management and how this was managed.


RESOLVED – That the report be noted.