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Health and Housing – Delivery better health and well-being for Residents

Meeting: 29/01/2020 - Health & Wellbeing Board (Item 7)

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To consider a report of the Corporate Director for Place Management & Regeneration.


This report provides a high level update on the range of current programmes and initiatives connecting health and housing and briefly considers their relationship to the Locality Plan.


The Board is invited to endorse the report as a high level framework to guide a dedicated workshop session for the health and wellbeing board and wider stakeholders.


Officer contact: Jennifer Connolly, 0161 474 2442 or

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A report of the Corporate Director for Place was submitted (copies of which had been circulated) seeking the Board’s endorsement for a dedicated workshop session to be held regarding the role housing can play in delivering the objectives of the Locality Plan.


Board members discussed the planned workshop and the long term integrated strategic planning, the innovation needed to work with the existing housing stock and being able to link all the work streams together into the active regeneration and development pipeline for all the partners and stakeholders.


The following comments were made/issues raised: -


·         There needed to be more creative thinking for new built houses taking into account accessibility, e.g. doorways and staircases etc.

·         Concern was expressed regarding the health and housing link for owner-occupied and privately rented accommodation and the early interventions that would be required to address particular health concerns in a preventative way.

·         Clarification was sought regarding the level of engagement from the Board that would be required and the lessons that could be learned from other parts of the country. In response, it was commented that the Board could lead the way in thinking strategic and big together with the right people on the Board, but also considering those marginal changes that could have incremental benefits over time.

·         It was noted that people often just want to stay at home and with some different ways of thinking and working with partners to do things differently as an enabler and empowering people to remain in their homes longer with some forward planning it could be facilitated.


RESOLVED – (1) That the report be noted.


(2) The workshop session be held on 18 March 2020 to explore the role housing can play in delivering the objectives of the Locality Plan.


(3) Democratic Services and the Stockport Homes Group work together with the Corporate Director for Place to finalise the arrangements for the workshop.