Issue - meetings

Appointments to outside bodies

Meeting: 22/06/2023 - Central Stockport Area Committee (Item 10)

10 Appointments to outside bodies

To consider a report of the Assistant Director for Legal and Democratic Governance.


The report asks members to consider appointments of representatives to outside bodies. 


The Area Committee is requested to nominate representatives to represent Stockport Council on the following outside bodies:


·         Cheadle Heath Community Association

·         Woodbank Community Association


Officer Contact: Charlotte Douglass 0161 474 3235 |  

Additional documents:


The Area Committee agreed to defer the appointment of councillors to the Woodbank Community Association outside body whilst the Clerk sought clarity in relation to outside body.


RESOLVED - The Area Committee has appointed the following representatives of the council to the Cheadle Heath Community Association outside body for 2023/ 24:


Councillor Asa Caton

Councillor Leah Taylor

Councillor Matt Wynne