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Neighbourhood Policing

Meeting: 20/06/2023 - Stepping Hill Area Committee (Item 6)

Chair's Announcements

Councillors and members of the public are invited to raise ‘Neighbourhood Policing’ issues with the local Neighbourhood Policing Team.

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Sergeant Jason Holmwood (Greater Manchester Police) attended the meeting to answer questions from councillors and members of the public in relation to Neighbourhood Policing issues within the area represented by the Stepping Hill Area Committee.


The following comments were made/ issues raised:-


·         It was reported that there had been 195 reported crimes in the last month for the local area. The key priorities for the area were burglary, drug dealing and the associated anti-social behaviour, speeding and other vehicle related crime. Work had been ongoing with the Local Neighbourhood Crime Team to both prevent offences and bring offenders to justice.

·         Work with local communities had resulted in a reduction in antisocial behaviour in Torkington Park, with the local beat team providing a visible presence.

·         There had been issues relating to illegal vape sales to under-aged people at a shop in Hazel Grove. The police had worked with Trading Standards who had issued a warning to the shop and prosecutions were ongoing. This had led to a significant reduction in antisocial behaviour at the nearby MacDonalds.

·         It was reported that three offenders had recently been charged in connection with bike thefts in the area. It was hoped that this would lead to a reduction in future bike thefts.

·         It was reported that as part of an ongoing effort to tackle drug use in Offerton, a Cannabis farm had been located and plants had been seized, with an offender on remand in prison with a court hearing due. It was hoped that there would be more action in future with regard to intelligence that had been received.

·         It was reported that Operation Monsoon had been implemented in the past month in an effort to tackle the use of dangerous driving on off-road bikes. It was hoped that intelligence regarding riders and storage locations for the bikes would be forthcoming leading to a reduction in illegal bike use.

·         It was reported that a series of PACT (Partners and Communities Together) meetings had recently begun. These aimed to provide an opportunity for partner services to attend community forums in order to engage with the local police team and have their say, as well as to receive an update on policing services.

·         Members queried how residents might report sightings of off-road bikes. In response, it was stated that residents were advised to call 101, use the online portal or the local mailbox. In addition, plans were in place to match dash-cam and CCTV footage with reported sightings leading to more arrests.

·         Members queried what could be done to make the local community, in particular children, feel safer following incidents of antisocial behaviour and bike theft. It was stated that there was ongoing work with the Council and children were encouraged to speak to the police and local community team. Work with youth offending teams was ongoing in order to tackle antisocial behaviour.

·         In response to the action taken around drug use in Offerton, members highlighted the importance of residents voicing their concerns as these had previously helped to solve a crime.

RESOLVED – That Sergeant Jason Holmwood be thanked for his attendance.