Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Election results for Cheadle Hulme South

Local Election 2014 - Thursday, 22nd May, 2014

Cheadle Hulme South - results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
Stuart Bodsworth Liberal Democrats 1630 41% Elected
Paul Davies Conservative 1104 27% Not elected
Cyril Peake UK Independence Party 703 17% Not elected
Chris Carter Labour 582 14% Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 1
Total votes 4019
Electorate 10649
Number of ballot papers issued 4047
Number of ballot papers rejected 26
Number of postal votes sent 2267
Number of postal votes returned 1480
Turnout 38%
Share of the votes (%)
Stuart Bodsworth 41% Elected
Paul Davies 27% Not elected
Cyril Peake 17% Not elected
Chris Carter 14% Not elected
Results graph
Rejected ballot papers
No selection23
Total rejected26