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Introduce effective traffic calming measures on Kennerley Road

We, the undersigned call on the Council to enforce/introduce traffic calming and safety measures on Kennerley Road, including: i. Extension of the existing 20mph zone on neighbouring roads to incorporate Kennerley Road; ii. Installation of a traffic camera to enforce the 20mph limit and the existing 3.5T weight limit; iii. Establishment of a one-way system on Kennerley Road.

Kennerley Road is a residential road used as a through route between Bramhall Lane and Buxton Road. Over the years, the closure or severe restriction of all other routes between Bramhall Lane and Buxton Road is leading to dangerous and unsustainable levels of traffic on Kennerley Road.

As a narrow residential road, it is unable to bear this volume of two-way traffic. HGVs routinely ignore the 3.5T weight restriction which goes unenforced.

Damage to parked vehicles caused by passing vehicles is a frequent occurrence.

This year alone, two serious incidents occurred caused by drivers using Kennerley Road: on 29 June (on Kennerley Road) and 13 July 2021 (junction of Kennerley Road and Bramhall Lane); both requiring emergency services to attend to the scene.

At current patterns and levels, it’s only a matter of time before a more serious incident or fatality occurs.

Despite part of Kennerley Road falling within a conservation area, the Council has taken no action to mitigate the damaging environmental impact caused by the volume and nature of traffic using the road.

We urge the Council to work with Ward Councillors, Traffic Services and the Police to take immediate action to address these issues.

This ePetition ran from 31/07/2021 to 01/09/2021 and has now finished.

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