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Road Safety Around Edgeley

We, the undersigned The problem of vehicles speeding around Edgeley has gone from bad to worse over the last year. Northgate road has a speed limit of 20mph but many vehicles exceed this excessively despite the speed bumps. The four primary schools; Alexandra Park Primary, Lark Hill Primary, St Matthews Primary and Our Lady's, are all linked by this road system and this means that many children use this route daily and parents comment on feeling fearful when they walk their children to school due to this dangerous driving. We need the council to re-install the Speed Indicator Devices and look at the whole network of roads in this area which the perpetrators are using to circle around and build up speed, such as Chatham Street and Grenville Street. We also need an in depth survey to look at traffic levels and speeds. This data can then be used to make the case for more interventions such as dedicated Police enforcement and community speedwatch schemes.

The council also needs to look at Edgeley's Victorian road network as a whole as it is in a GPS age, how vehicles are managing to get up to these speeds, whether rat-running is taking place and look how to make changes so our streets are streets safe enough for kids to play out again and not have to worry about getting from home to school, to the park, without fear of getting knocked down.

There has been much discussion on social media about this which has prompted this petition. Residents agree that the current speed bumps are not working, and that Northgate and surrounding roads are seeing a high number of vehicles cutting through at high speeds which will ultimately result in accidents.

This ePetition runs from 13/03/2021 to 24/04/2021.

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