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Save Bolshaw’s lollipop man

We, the undersigned To look at the importance of the lollipop man's job at Bolshaw Primary School and how valued he is by ALL the school community.

Our lollipop man, has been told his job is under threat of redundancy. He is an integral part of our school community. Not only is he a cheerful face in the morning he has been ensuring the safety of our children crossing Cross Rd for many years.

As a parent and governor at the school I was outraged to hear his job is at risk. I am disgusted the council are looking to make cuts at the cost of the safety of our children. Although Cross Rd is a 20mph rd I regularly witness cars speeding up the road in a morning and on more than one occasion have witnessed cars not stopping as Ian’s been stood in the road. As a school we encourage children to walk to school, or park further away from school and walk.

I feel the council making this decision is going to end up in an accident outside school! I’m sure if this was your child’s school you would be petitioning to save your lollipop man. I’d urge you to reconsider your decision and see this from a parents perspective. I hope from starting this petition you’ll see what an integral part of our school community he is.

This ePetition ran from 20/11/2020 to 01/01/2021 and has now finished.

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