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Motorbikes on Davenport Playing Fields

We, the undersigned request the erection of barriers to stop motorbikes entering the playing fields from the Bexhill Road and Barnfield Road West Adswood entrances.

Almost every day during the Summer months the playing fields between Davenport and Adswood are used illegally by youths to ride motorbikes across. These fields are enjoyed by children, dog walkers, football teams and families for general recreation. Apart from the anti social levels of noise, and babies in the area being consistently woken up - caused by the motorbikes, which can go on until 10:00pm, we believe that members of the public and their pets are in real danger of being hit by a bike that is being driven at speeds up to 50mph by youths that have no insurance, license, training or even helmet.

We ask that the Council take effective action before someone is seriously injured or killed - in addition to reducing the noise nuisance to the residents in the residing area. It is my understanding that these concerns were raised with your

This ePetition runs from 09/07/2019 to 10/09/2019.

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