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Don't Loose The Loos! Etherow Country Park

We, the undersigned intend to petition the council to re-open the toilets near the weir in Etherow Country Park

The toilets near the weir have been closed for some months due to problems with the drains. Without any consultation or information being presented to interested groups,the council have told us categorically that they will not be reopened. We have only just been give costings for demolition (£27,000); remaining closed & fencing off (£8,500); repairs (as stated by the council (£26,300). However our group feels that the costs are excessive & some are cosmetic.
The toilets are an important facility for all the parks users, walkers, runners and visitors of all kinds and especially for older and younger people. The park has thousands of visitors a year and we would not want this to change. The community (including Friends of Etherow Country Park & Compstall Community Council) insist the council meet with us to discuss this matter as we are willing to assist with appropriate work.

This ePetition ran from 06/02/2019 to 19/02/2019 and has now finished.

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