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New local skatepark

We, the undersigned want a new skate park to cater for skateboards, scooters and bikers

My names Jared and im 11 year old local skateboarder in Reddish, it has come to my attention there are no skateparks around Reddish but at the same time i have seen many skaters, bikers and scooter fans riding the flat with no where to freely do tricks on ramps. Parents of these children and teenagers have to waste precious time and fuel driving for 20 miniutes to get to a skatepark just to ride for less time then it took to get there. If there was a skatepark it would be used alot wich would also prevent anti-social behevoir in kids and teenagers. I went to Edgley park recently and it was packed, but these teenagers weren't stroppy and moody they were polite and overall nice and doing something constructive they were enthusiastic about. Many parks about cater for toddlers and football fans but as said previously fans of skateboard etc from 8-14 just hang in ally ways with nothing to do. Last but not least there are many areas near Reddish centre like houldsworth park have quite a bit of spare area wich skateparks would fit right in

This ePetition ran from 03/11/2018 to 13/03/2019 and has now finished.

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