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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Area Flexibility Funding - Stockport Canal Boat Trust/New Horizons ref: 399812/06/201921/06/2019Call-in expired
Area Flexibility Funding - Friends of Oldknow's Lime Kilns (FOLK) ref: 399912/06/201914/06/2019Call-in expired
Appointments to Outside Bodies ref: 398410/06/201919/06/2019Call-in expired
Area Committee Ward Highways Spokespersons ref: 398110/06/201919/06/2019Call-in expired
Highways Maintenance Delegated Budget Scheme - Gully Jetting ref: 397810/06/201919/06/2019Call-in expired
Appointment to Outside Bodies ref: 398710/06/201919/06/2019Call-in expired
Area Flexibility Funding - Reddfest ref: 397610/06/201919/06/2019Call-in expired
Clough Meadow, Woodley ref: 398310/06/201919/06/2019Call-in expired
Oxford Drive, Woodley ref: 398210/06/201919/06/2019Call-in expired
Park Use Application - Manchester Road Park ref: 398610/06/201919/06/2019Call-in expired
Station Road & Bradfield Close, Reddish ref: 397910/06/201919/06/2019Call-in expired
Highways Maintenance and Local Initiative Report - Lillian Grove and Gorton Road, North Reddish ref: 397710/06/201919/06/2019Call-in expired
Area Flexibility Funding - Woodlarks ref: 398010/06/201919/06/2019Call-in expired
Elisabeth Mill, Reddish - Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders ref: 398510/06/201919/06/2019Call-in expired
Nomination of Ward Spokesperson ref: 398810/06/201919/06/2019Call-in expired