Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Council Tax 2020/2111/10/2019For Determination27/02/2020
Council Tax and Business Rates Discounts Annual Review11/10/2019For Determination16/01/2020
2020/21 Cabinet Revenue Budget and Capital Programme11/10/2019For Determination27/02/2020
Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Budget and Rent Levels for 2020/2111/10/2019For Determination27/02/2020
Council Tax Billing Area - 2020/21 Council Tax Taxbase and Non Domestic Rates Forecast11/10/2019For Determination17/12/2019
Capital Strategy11/10/2019For Determination27/02/2020
MDC Strategic Business Plan11/10/2019For Determination12/11/2019
Town Centre West Strategic Regeneration Framework – Outcome of Consultation11/10/2019For Determination12/11/2019
2020/21 Treasury Management Strategy, Annual Investment Strategy and Minimum Revenue Provision Policy11/10/2019For Determination27/02/2020
Treasury Management Strategy and Annual Investment Strategy Mid-Year Review Report 2019/2011/10/2019For Determination28/11/2019
Stockport Council Plan 2020/2111/10/2019For Determination27/02/2020
Medium Term Financial Programme (MTFP) 2019/2030/08/2019For Determination17/12/2019