Issue - decisions

Norbury Hall Primary School, Hazel Grove

18/07/2019 - Norbury Hall Primary School, Hazel Grove

A representative of the Deputy Chief Executive submitted a report of the Corporate Director for Place Management & Regeneration (copies of which had been circulated) inviting the Area Committee to consider a proposal to introduce additional waiting restrictions on Shepley Drive and Castleton Road, Hazel Grove to improve road safety around Norbury Primary School.


RESOLVED – That the following Traffic Regulation Order be approved for legal advertising at a cost of £810 to be funded from the Area Committee delegated budget (Hazel Grove Ward allocation) and, subject to no objections being received within 21 days from the advertisement date, the Order being made:


No Waiting at Any Time:


Shepley Drive


North East side from the North Westerly kerb line of Castleton Road for a distance of 36 metres in a North Westerly direction.


Castleton Road


North West side from the North Easterly kerb line of Shepley Drive for a distance of 30 metres in a North Easterly direction (to tie in with the said restriction on Shepley Drive).