Agenda item

Public Realm

The local Public Realm Inspector will attend the meeting to provide an update on matters raised at the last committee meetings. Councillors and Members of the public are invited to raise issues affecting local environmental quality.


Carolyn Turner, Public Realm Inspector, attended the meeting to answer questions from councillors and members of the public in relation to highway and environmental quality issues within the areas represented by the Stepping Hill Area Committee.


The following issues were raised:-


·         Reactive highway maintenance inspections were ongoing.

·         Works to replace two carriageway gully pots and pipework at Been Leach Road, Offerton had been completed.

·         Planned resurfacing of footways on Crescent Way, Crescent Close, Langley Ave had been completed.

·         The campaign to encourage responsible dog ownership was continuing and sites for publicity stickers had been identified.

·         The Council were supporting the ‘Bin the Butt’ campaign lead by Keep Britain Tidy and would be contacting businesses that had identified issues with cigarette litter.

·         There was a community litter pick supported by councillors on Short Street, Hazel Grove on 6 July.

·         Warning letters had been sent to two domestic properties in Hazel Grove,  in relation to placing domestic waste in commercial bins on Arundel Avenue.

·         A Notification of Offence has been served on a company for burning waste on School Street Industrial Estate, Hazel Grove. No further incidents had been reported following the intervention of the Enforcement Officer.

·         Fly post signs have been removed from the Bosden Farm Estate, the company posting them were contacted and requested not to repost.


In relation to specific concerns raised about the Council’s street cleansing regime, it was reported that the borough was divided into a series of patch maps, eleven of which covered the Stepping Hill Area Committee area. These areas were cleansed on a 14 working days rota (excluding weekends and bank holidays) by four cleansing teams. A cleansing team was made up of a small mechanical sweeper, a driver and two further operatives. The areas the crews worked in was also swept by three large sweepers working to a separate map. The Council only cleansed accessible streets that needed to be cleaned, and would have to work around parked vehicles. Main roads were swept with the large mechanical sweeper on a 14 night shift rotating around all main roads of the borough. Litter bins were emptied at night.


In addition, Hazel Grove as a district centre had a steward visit twice weekly. The A6 between School Street and the Bramhall Moor Lane junctions was litter picked as well as the off roads for a distance of approximately 50 metres. It was planned to have a regular steward in place from August. Reports of dog fouling and glass on the public highway were responded to outside the routine cleansing crew timeframe.




In relation to specific questions about the Council’s weed spraying policy the borough had two weed sprays per year. The first spray was underway but had been delayed due to recent rain. At least 6-8 hours of dry weather was required for the spray to be effective and even light rain within that timeframe meant the exercise had to be repeated. The contractor has put extra resource aside to catch up and weather forecasts for the coming week suggested some time when there would be dry weather. Offerton was scheduled to be completed within the next few days and Stepping Hill the following week, with Hazel Grove a few weeks away.


The following additional issues were raised:-


·         A request was made to clear vegetation clearance on the path by the field to the rear of the properties on Adlwyn Crescent, on the Fred Perry Way adjacent to the Mirrlees Fields site and on Barlows Lane South.


·         A request was made for walking weed spraying on the A6 in Hazel Grove where there was more viability.


·         Clarification was sought on responsibility for concreate flower planters with a view to having them replanted. In response it was confirmed that these were Council owned but there was no longer capacity to have them replanted. The Council would remove them where they became a persistent problem or would support the community if they wished to take on responsibility for their planting.

·         There was a tree blocking the brook on Wynchgate Road.

·         A problem with dog fouling on Elton Drive was reported.

·         The trimming and pruning of hedges on Bean Leach Road was welcomed and officers thanked for arranging this, although a section between the brook past the pinch point up to the farm still required attention.

·         There was overgrown vegetation around the church on Trinity Gardens.

·         Cigarette litter was again accumulating around the entrances to the hospital and a request was made to remind the hospital of the need to appropriately service the litter bins.

·         Thanks were given for the work done on Cow Lane but it was suggested that greater coordination was needed between the Council and Stockport Homes on their respective responsibilities. It was confirmed that the Council was not responsible for trimming the hedges and this was privately owned, but the Community Payback scheme could be used.


RESOLVED – That Carolyn Turner be thanked for her attendance and presentation.