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Area Committee News – Updated 20th April 2018



The Area Committee met for its last meeting of the Municipal year on Wednesday 18th April. It was the last meeting for Councillors Geoff Abell and Sue Ingham as they were not standing for re-election. On behalf of the Area Committee the Chair thanked them for their hard work and dedication and wished them well for the future. The Committee approved traffic regulation orders for Compstall Road and a residents parking scheme as well as an Area Funding application from the Friends of Brabyns Park who wished to replace a bench in the park.


Local Elections 2018:- The deadline to register to vote in time for the local elections this May is midnight on Tuesday 17th April. Anyone can apply online at

Etherow Country Park:- Follow the submission of a petition at a previous Area Committee meeting concerning the stagnant backwater at Etherow Park, officers in the Place Directorate have confirmed that the Environment Agency have given approval to excavate the silt and store on the island. There is still a considerable cost implication to this as access is extremely difficult and the islands are heavily wooded and this would probably mean de-foresting the islands.


Therefore, officers are currently working on a phased approach undertaking some clearance work of trees along the water's edge and some of the larger overhanging trees in order to open up the area and reduce the amount of debris that drops into the 'backwater'.  All the brash, branches and litter that is currently lying in the mud will be removed, which will tidy up the area and the aesthetics for visitor to the park will be greatly enhanced, and should allow any water that would flow to do so. Water levels have been raised to as high a level as is safe to do but this has had no effect on the backwater and a lot of it remains above the water line.


They are currently discussing options regarding the silt removal but to date a way forward has still to be agreed but this will be discussed for the next financial year. The second phase will be the introduction of a product called Siltex which is ground chalk and when introduced to extremely silted areas it has the effect of reducing acidity levels and encourages the natural bacteria to digest the silt deposits and aerate the silt which should have the effect of reducing any odour from the anaerobic decomposing silt. The tree work has already begun and when completed the clearance work of the backwater will be carried out followed by the application of the Siltex, and then the site will be visited regularly to monitor the results.

Marple Festival of Sport: Marple Area Committee recently made a grant to support the Marple Festival of Sport 2018 which is an opportunity for the Marple community to get an understanding of what is on offer in the area. Sports clubs will have the chance to promote themselves throughout the 9 day festival between the 14th and 22nd April 2018. For further


Public Realm:  


An archive of public realm reports can be viewed in the archive.











Strines Road




works are now scheduled to take place between 13th and 16th April and will require the use of temporary traffic signals.  The temporary traffic signals will be in use between the hours of 09:30 & 15:00 and will be removed on a daily basis.





If you would like to be included on the email alert distribution list for updates on the Area Committee and on issues affecting Marple and surrounding villages email the Committee Manager : and he will add you to the list.



Marple Area Committee


About the Area Committee

The Marple Area Committee represents the wards of Marple North and Marple South & High Lane.


Public Questions

At area committees members of the public have the opportunity to ask questions about any matters within the Area Committee’s powers (except on legal or confidential matters). You can submit a question and view the Code of Practice using the online question form.


You can view an archive of previously asked question and answers on the democracy webpage.


Ward Funding

The Council has delegated £3000 to each ward to allow Community Groups and other non-commercial organisations to apply for contributions toward funding for projects within the community.


The fund is administered by the Democratic Services Manager in consultation with the Ward Councillors.  A copy of the application form and associated guidance is available on our Ward Funding page.


Planning Matters
Area Committee have powers to deal with certain types of planning applications, and Councillors have the power to call up applications that are ordinarily dealt with by planning officers, to be considered and determined by the Area Committee.


Members of the public also have the opportunity to address the Committee during consideration of a planning application for a total of 3 minutes. One person will be permitted to address the Area Committee for 3 minutes in objection to the application and one person for 3 minutes in support of the application.


If you wish to speak on a planning application it is advisable that you arrive 5 minutes prior to the commencement of the meeting in order to inform the Democratic Services Officer.


Open Forum

In addition, the Area Committee operates Open Forum arrangements which allow groups to make presentations to the Committee on issues that affect the local community.  The Open Forum is governed by the Code of Practice.


Greater Manchester Police


Inspector Tony Stiles is now responsible for Marple, High Lane, Bredbury and Romiley. Under the new Local Policing Restructure his dedicated Local Policing Team will focus on protecting vulnerable people, reduce crime and reduce anti-social behavior. They are integrated into the community initially based at Bredbury and after refurbishment Marple, providing a 24 hour service. The team works closely with partners to find the most efficient and effective ways to solve any given problem. Information from the public is vital to successful policing and anyone who has any information that may assist in investigations should contact the team on 0161 856 9773, Non-Emergency Line, 101 or anonymously on Crimestoppers 0800 555 111. Please support the team by making officers aware of crime or issues in your area.