Council Meeting
Thursday, 18th October, 2018 6.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber - Town Hall. View directions

Contact: Damian Eaton  (0161 474 3207)

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Formalities and Announcements

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 160 KB

To approve as a correct record and sign the Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 13 September 2018.

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Urgent Decisions

To report any urgent action taken under the Constitution since the last meeting of the Council.

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Mayor's Announcements

To receive announcements from the Mayor.

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Declarations of Interest

Councillors and officers to declare any interests which they may have in any of the items on the Summons for the meeting.

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Community Engagement

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Public Question Time

To receive any questions from and provide answers to the public in relation to matters relevant to the Council’s activities.

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Petitions and Presentations

To receive petitions, and by prior arrangement, receive delegations and presentations from members of the public, community groups or partnership organisations.


Citizen’s Advice Stockport – ASK for ANGELA


To receive a presentation from Steve Hughes, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Stockport in relation to the 'ASK for ANGELA' scheme which gives victims of domestic abuse an opportunity to engage with someone who may be able to help and encourage them to seek the support they need.

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Joint Authorities

(a)       Greater Manchester Police and Crime Panel


Councillor Sheila Bailey to answer questions, if any, on the business of the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Panel.


(b)       Greater Manchester Combined Authority


The following councillors to answer questions (if any) on the business of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee:-


Greater Manchester Combined Authority   

- Councillor Alex Ganotis

Transport for Greater Manchester Committee

- Councillor John Taylor

Greater Manchester Waste Committee

- Councillor Roy Driver


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Leader's Report and Cabinet Question Time

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Cabinet Business

To receive a report from the Leader of the Council and other members of the Cabinet on the conduct of Cabinet business since the last Council Meeting.    

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To answer questions and receive comments from Councillors addressed to the Leader of the Council or other members of the Cabinet, in accordance with Council Meeting Procedure Rule 11.


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Minutes pdf icon PDF 85 KB

To receive the Minutes of the Cabinet held on 2 October and the record of executive decisions taken since the last Council Meeting, (schedule enclosed, decisions previously circulated) and consider any recommendations they contain.

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To receive a report from the Chairs of the Scrutiny Committees on the conduct of Scrutiny business.

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Scrutiny Business

To receive a report from the Chairs of the Scrutiny Committees on the conduct of Scrutiny business.

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To answer questions from Councillors addressed to the Scrutiny Chairs, in accordance with Council Meeting Procedure Rule 11.

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 59 KB

To receive the Minutes of the following Scrutiny Committees:-


Adult Social Care & Health – 11 September 2018

Corporate, Resource Management & Governance – 18 September 2018

Economy & Regeneration – 20 September 2018

Scrutiny Co-ordination – 1 October 2018

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Ordinary and Area Committees

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Regulatory Business

To receive a report from the Chairs of the Planning & Highways Regulation; Licensing, Environment & Safety; and Audit Committees on the conduct of their business since the last Council Meeting.

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To answer questions from Councillors addressed to the Chairs of Ordinary and Area Committees, in accordance with Council Meeting Procedure Rule 11.

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 52 KB

To receive the minutes of the following Ordinary and Area Committees:-


Ordinary Committees


Contributors – 6 September 2018

Health & Wellbeing Board – 26 September 2018

Health & Wellbeing Board (Better Care Fund) Sub – 16 July 2018

Licensing, Environment & Safety – 5 and 20 September 2018

Licensing, Environment & Safety Sub – 19 September 2018

Planning & Highways Regulation – 6 September 2018

Standards – 3 September 2018


Area Committees


Bramhall & Cheadle Hulme South – 27 September 2018

Central Stockport – 27 September 2018

Cheadle – 25 September 2018

Heatons & Reddish – 24 September 2018

Marple – 26 September 2018

Stepping Hill – 25 September 2018

Werneth – 24 September 2018

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Motions - Notice of which have been given under Council Meeting Procedure Rule 12

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Period Poverty

 This Council notes that:


·         A survey by Plan International UK found that 1 in 10 girls had been unable to afford sanitary products;

·         56% of girls said they would rather be bullied at school than talk to their parents about periods;

·         This is particularly problematic for girls from low-income families who see their parents struggling to make ends meet and feel reluctant to ask them to add sanitary products to the weekly shop;

·         In many cases, as a result, they may lose a significant number of days of schooling; 

·         Regrettably, even women in low-income employment are sometimes unable to afford such products when struggling to meet household bills and feed their families;

·         Ironically, only female prisoners have a statutory right to access free sanitary products.


Council believes that, in a country as wealthy as Britain, ‘Period Poverty’ is a scandal that should be ended.


Council commends:


·         The Scottish Government for its commitment to tackle ‘Period Poverty’ by introducing free sanitary products in all educational establishments, and notes that Scotland was one of the first countries to pilot a scheme to young women and girls in need in Aberdeen;

·         The ‘dignity bags’ scheme established by Chepstow Town Council where members of the public can donate sanitary products in branded boxes located in prominent places, such as pharmacies and libraries, for re-distribution to women in need.


Council resolves to:


·         Ask the Children and Families Scrutiny Committee and the Health and Well-being Board, working with relevant Cabinet Members, officers and partners, to explore with local secondary schools and colleges how sanitary products can be made available free in their establishments and the practicality of establishing a ‘dignity bags’ scheme in the Borough;

·         Ask the Chief Executive to write to the Secretary of State for Education and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, asking the Government to scrap the VAT levied on female hygiene products as soon as is practicable and, in the meantime, to use the VAT collected on these products to fund the provision of free sanitary products for girls and women in need.


Moved by:                  Councillor Lisa Smart

Seconded by:           Councillor Mark Hunter

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Banning LGBT 'cures' under UK Law pdf icon PDF 35 KB

This Council notes:


·         ‘LGBT cures’, often referred to as ‘conversion therapies’ are processes which attempt to change a person’s sexuality or gender identity from being LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual or Transgender).

·         These processes are pseudoscientific and devoid of clinical merit;  and

·         A range of evidence suggests that individuals which have undergone these processes are at heightened risk of psychological harm and negative clinical outcomes relating to their subsequent mental health.


This Council further notes:


·         Individuals who undergo such ‘curing’ processes often do so in circumstances of duress, pressure and psychological manipulation;

·         The Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats have all stated their intention to examine legislative and non-legislative means to ban the practise of conversion therapy; however

·         Despite this, it is currently not illegal to offer, administer or give the LGBT ‘cure’ under UK Law.


This Council therefore resolves to:


·         Support calls upon the UK Government to make offering, administering or giving the LGBT ‘cure’ illegal and punishable by law;

·         Support calls upon the UK Government to provide properly funded and competent help to those who have been through such processes;

·         Write to the Minister for Women and Equalities, the Rt Hon Penny Mourdaunt MP advising her of this Council’s position and support for legislation in relation to the above points; and

·         Support the communication of any subsequent Legal change through Council corporate communications activity.


Moved by:                  Councillor David Sedgwick

Seconded by:           Councillor Laura Booth

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Small Business Saturday

This Council Meeting commends the Government’s efforts to encourage people to shop locally and assist small businesses in their communities by supporting the Small Business Saturday campaign and commits to doing everything it can to back local businesses.


This Council Meeting welcomes the announcement by the Government of a £31 million package of support for small businesses to help them grow and reach their full potential.


This Council Meeting notes that the UK’s small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and have created 2.4 million new jobs since 2010 – 74 per cent of all new jobs created in that time.


This Council Meeting further notes that in previous years, this Council has offered free parking to support Small Business Saturday.


This Council Meeting therefore resolves to;


·         Back local businesses in Stockport by taking part in and supporting Small Business Saturday; and

·         Request the Cabinet Member (Communities and Housing) agree to offer free parking in on and off street public parking across the Borough in support of Small Business Saturday on 1 December 2018.


Moved by:                  Councillor Tom Dowse

Seconded by:           Councillor Syd Lloyd

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Woodford Neighbourhood Forum – Redesignation pdf icon PDF 46 KB

To consider a report of the Corporate Director for Place Management & Regeneration.

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The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 pdf icon PDF 69 KB

To consider a report of the Corporate Director for Place Management & Regeneration.

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Admission Appeals Panel

To appoint Ann Gilbert, Len Howarth and Ruth Le Lohe as members of the Admission Appeals Panel.

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