Corporate, Resource Management & Governance Scrutiny Committee
Tuesday, 22nd January, 2019 6.00 pm

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Contact: Jonathan Vali  (0161 474 3201)

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Councillors who require a substitute to be appointed should inform Democratic Services using the pro-forma by 4.00 pm on Thursday, 17 January 2019. Councillors who wish to arrange their own substitute should inform Democratic Services of the name of their substitute prior to the commencement of the meeting.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 94 KB

To approve as a correct record and sign the Minutes of the meeting held on 27 November 2018.


Declarations of Interest

Councillors and officers to declare any interests which they have in any of the items on the agenda for the meeting.


Exclusion of the Public and the Public Interest Test

To consider whether to exclude the press and public from the meeting during consideration of the appendices to the following item:-









Manchester Airport Car Park Investment

Category 3 ‘Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority)’ as set out in Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended)




To consider call-in items (if any)

Councillors are encouraged to submit questions on the Performance and Resources reports prior to the meeting in order to enable a detailed response to be available at the meeting.  Questions should be submitted to Jonathan Vali, Tel: 474 3201 or email:


Portfolio Performance and Resources - Third Update Report 2018/19 pdf icon PDF 86 KB

To consider a report of the Deputy Chief Executive.


The Third Update Portfolio Performance and Resource Report (PPRR) for the Reform and Governance Portfolio is presented for consideration by the Committee. This report is shorter, and more data-driven, providing highlights and exceptions reflecting progress in delivering the portfolio priorities and budgets since the Mid-Year Report. It includes forecast performance and financial data for the Portfolio, where new data is available, along with an update on the portfolio savings programme.


The new format for the reports has been developed following consultation with the Cabinet Member for Reform & Governance and Scrutiny Committee Chairs. This is linked to proposals contained within the Support and Governance MTFP work stream (presented to Cabinet on 18 December) which include a reduction in capacity for the Policy, Performance and Reform function.  The intention is that this lighter touch report format for Quarter 3 will provide officers with the time to prioritise development of a future, less resource intensive, approach to Performance and Resources reporting and management whilst ensuring that it can continue to provide the level of oversight required for effective scrutiny and decision making.


With a reduced level of detail being provided within the reports, councillors are asked where possible to direct any questions or requests for further information in advance of the meeting via Democratic Services to enable the timely provision of additional information.



Scrutiny Committee is asked to:

·         Consider the Third Update Portfolio Performance and Resource Report;  

·         Comment on the new approach and format of the report as outlined above;

·         Review the progress against delivering key projects, priority outcomes, targets and budgets for 2018/19;

·         Highlight key areas of and responsibility for taking forward corrective action to address any performance or resource issues;

·         Highlight any significant issues or changes to be fed back to the Cabinet alongside the Corporate Performance and Resource Report; and

·         Identify how areas of strong performance and good practice can be shared in other services.


Officer contact: Peter Owston / Susan Wood, 0161 474 3274 / 218 1032, /



Additional documents:


Greater Manchester Strategy - Implementation Plan and Performance Dashboard update pdf icon PDF 67 KB

To consider a report of the Deputy Chief Executive.


This report provides the first six monthly update on the Greater Manchester Strategy (GMS) Implementation Plan and performance dashboard.


Scrutiny Committee is asked to review and comment on the GMS Implementation Plan and Performance Dashboard update.


Officer contact: Holly Rae, 0161 474 3014,

Additional documents:


Draft Council Plan 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 82 KB

To consider a report of the Deputy Chief Executive


The Council Plan accompanies the budget and sets a high-level framework for decision making throughout the financial year. It is a public-facing summary document that sits above annual (detailed) Portfolio Agreements.


The plan is developed by Cabinet, supported by officers, and is an opportunity to reflect on performance to date and policy priorities for the future. The 2019/20 Council Plan continues to be aligned with the longer-term vision and five shared outcomes set out in the Borough Plan. It incorporates the key principles identified by Cabinet, underpinned by an inclusive vision for growth and reform. The Greater Manchester Strategy priorities continue to be integrated into the Plan. The strategic narrative for the Plan builds upon these but also incorporates the medium term strategy and its five key themes which were introduced by Cabinet during 2018. These are central to the plan and its organisational delivery.


The Scrutiny Committee is asked to:

·         Consider and comment on the draft 2019/20 Council Plan and EIA; and

·         Note the key issues and processes outlined above.


Officer contact: Holly Rae, 0161 474 3014,

Additional documents:


MTFP Cabinet Response: Our Budget Choices for 2019/20 - Scrutiny Consultation Round 3 (Jan 2019) pdf icon PDF 75 KB

To consider a report of the Cabinet Member for Reform & Governance


The Cabinet has developed a four year medium term strategy based around five cross-cutting themes. These frame the choices the Council need to make about its budget both next year and in future years, the five themes are:


           Getting the most out of our spending;

           Improving Customer Experience;

           Making sure we have the right property in the right places;

           Sharing services with other organisations;

           An organisation fit for the future.


A suite of proposals have been developed by Cabinet which forms the first phase of this programme for 19/20. Scrutiny has since received a series of updates on the development of these proposals. This report forms the latest update and in line with the update provided to committees in November, particular includes consideration of proposals for 2019/20, prior to Cabinet decision-making in February.


The Scrutiny Committee is invited to comment upon the proposals appended to this report.


Officer contact: Holly Rae, 0161 474 3014,   

Additional documents:


Single Commissioning Function for Health and Care within the context of Place-based commissioning in Stockport pdf icon PDF 168 KB

To consider a joint report of the Leader of the Council and the Cabinet Member for Reform & Governance


This report reprises the purpose and objectives of a place-based approach to commissioning that have been outlined in previous Cabinet reports and updates on recent developments to deliver such an approach, working both internally within the Council and with wider partners.


Due to the pressure on health and social care this report further outlines the Cabinet’s position on the consideration and development of a new Single Commissioning Function (SCF) for health and care in Stockport.  Across Greater Manchester the ambition is for single commissioning functions for health and social care and it is the view of the Cabinet that a SCF in Stockport is key to delivering the shared ambition of the Council and wider health and care system partners. This aims to create a more sustainable health & care system driven by improved health outcomes, reduced health inequalities and less reliance on bed-based care.


The Scrutiny Committee is invited to consider the report and the recommendation being proposed for the Cabinet and to comment on them prior to submission to the Cabinet.


Officer contact: Laureen Donnan, 0161 474 3180,


Treasury Management Approach to Counterparty Risk pdf icon PDF 79 KB

To consider a briefing note of the Borough Treasurer.


During the recent annual Member training sessions on the Treasury Management Strategy 2019/20 for CRMG and Cabinet which took place in December 2018, comments made by Link Asset Services (the Council’s external treasury management advisors) described the Council as being one of the most risk averse, which in turn may have lead Members to view this remark negatively, particularly with a view to investment returns.  This note clarifies the Council’s approach to risk and the context to which these comments were made.


The Governance Scrutiny Committee is asked to note and comment on the paper.


Officer contact: Michael Cullen, 0161 474 4631,


Capital Strategy 2019/20 - Update pdf icon PDF 68 KB

To consider a briefing note of the Borough Treasurer.


CIPFA’s Prudential Code for Capital Finance in Local Authorities provides a framework for ensuring that capital investment is prudent, affordable and sustainable.  The Code was first published in 2003, with the last update being in 2011.  Since then the landscape for public service delivery has changed significantly, particularly with sustained reductions in Government grant funding and the developing localism agenda.  CIPFA undertook a consultation exercise, which raised a number of issues particularly in respect of longer term planning, the minimum revenue provision, increasing commercialism and understanding of risk.  As a result, CIPFA published a revised Prudential Code in December 2017.


The Scrutiny Committee is asked to note the contents of this briefing note and provide comments for consideration in the development of the Council’s Capital Strategy.


Officer contact: Michael Cullen, 0161 474 4631,


Brexit: Preparing for the potential impact on Stockport resources and services pdf icon PDF 122 KB

To consider a report of the briefing note of the Leader of the Council and the Cabinet Member for Reform & Governance.


The report provides an overview of the areas of potential scope for the Council to consider as a result of the UK’s exit from the EU (Brexit). On 23rd June 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union. The UK Government invoked article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union in March 2017, culmination in the UK formally leaving the EU on 29th March 2019 or at the end of any transition period.


This paper in particular advises the Council of the need to consider the implications of a “No Deal” Brexit along with an approach to ensure that post exit the Council takes account of the implications of being outside of the EU.


The Scrutiny Committee is invited to note the briefing note.


Officer contact: Laureen Donnan, Deputy Chief Executive, 0161 474 3181


Agenda Planning

To consider a report of the Democratic Services Manager.               


The report sets out planned agenda items for future meetings of the Committee and Forward Plan items that fall within its remit.


The Scrutiny Committee is invited to consider the information in the report and put forward any agenda items for future meetings.


Officer contact: Jonathan Vali, 0161 474 3201, email:

Item not for publication


Manchester Airport Car Park Investment pdf icon PDF 51 KB

To consider a report of the Borough Treasurer


Manchester Airport is seeking to bring forward a Car Parking investment scheme via funding through an additional equity investment into Manchester Airport Group (MAG).


(NOTE: The detail of the investment proposal and due diligence undertaken is provided in the ‘Not for publication’ that contains ‘information relating to the financial and business affairs of a particular persons, including the authority’ that has been circulated to committee members only.)


The Scrutiny Committee is invited to consider the report and comment on the proposals prior to its consideration by the Cabinet.


Officer contact: Michael Cullen, 0161 474 4631,

Additional documents: