Communities & Housing Scrutiny Committee
Monday, 3rd June, 2019 6.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room 2, Town Hall

Contact: Damian Eaton  (0161 474 3207)

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Councillors who require a substitute to be appointed should inform Democratic Services by 4.00pm on Thursday, 30 May 2019 (Councillors who wish to arrange their own substitute should inform Democratic Services of their substitute prior to the commencement of the meeting).

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Minutes pdf icon PDF 57 KB

To approve as a correct record and sign the Minutes of the meeting held on 1 April 2019.

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Declarations of Interest

Councillors and officers to declare any interests which they have in any of the items on the agenda for the meeting.

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To consider call-in items (if any).

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Portfolio Performance and Resources - Annual Report 2018/19 pdf icon PDF 89 KB

To consider a report of the Corporate Director for Place Management & Regeneration.


The report provides a summary of progress in delivering the portfolio priorities, reform programme and other key projects since the final update report, with a focus on the fourth quarter of the year (January to March). It includes out-turn performance and financial data (where this is available) for the Portfolio, along with updates on the portfolio savings programme.


The Scrutiny Committee is recommended to:-


·         Consider the Annual Portfolio Performance and Resource Report; 

·         Review the progress against delivering key projects, priority outcomes, targets and budgets for 2017/18;

·         Highlight key areas of and responsibility for taking forward corrective action to address any performance or resource issues;

·         Highlight any significant issues or changes to be fed back to the Cabinet alongside the Corporate Performance and Resource Report;

·         Identify how areas of strong performance and good practice can be shared in other services.


Officer contact: Alan Lawson on 0161 474 5397 or email:


Officer contact: Kora Yohannan on 0161 474 4032 or email:

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Highways Maintenance Update report pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To consider a report of the Corporate Director for Place Management & Regeneration.


In 2016 AECOM undertook for Stockport Council a “Reactive Maintenance Review”.  The Final Report identified a number of issues that the Council has been addressing over the last 3 years. The report provides an update on the progress of the Council to deliver the recommendations in the AECOM report and related Highways Investment Programme.


The Scrutiny Committee is recommended to comment on and note the report.


Officer contact: Mark Glynn or Sue Stevenson on telephone number Tel: 0161-474-3700 /  0161-474-4351 or alternatively email or

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GM White Paper pdf icon PDF 113 KB

To consider a report of the Corporate Director for Place Management & Regeneration.


The Scrutiny Committee will be invited to consider the content of the white paper and provide comments that will inform the Council’s response.


Officer contact: Lisa Wright on 0161 474 3030 or email:

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Stockport's Active Community Strategy and Walking & Cycling Plan pdf icon PDF 72 KB

To consider a report of the Corporate Director for Place Management & Regeneration and Director of Public Health


Between the 10 January and 15 February 2019 the Council undertook a public consultation on the proposed Active Communities Strategy (ACS) and the Walking and Cycling Plan. The attached documents appendices 1, 4, and 4a present the response to the consultation from both the ACS and Walking & Cycling Plan.


Amendments have been made to the ACS and Walking and Cycling Plan to reflect these comments as identified in the consultation reports and the amended documents are attached in appendices 2, 5, and 6.


Equality Impact Assessments were carried out for both the ACS and Walking and Cycling Plan and are attached in appendices 3 and 7.


The Scrutiny Committee is recommended to:


·         Note the key areas of feedback received during the consultation period on the draft Stockport's Active Communities Strategy, and Cycling and Walking Plan

·         Support that Cabinet adopted the revised Stockport's Active Communities Strategy, and Cycling and Walking Plan

·         Support the recommendation that Cabinet delegate the approval of the revised GM Bee Network Map to the Corporate Director of Place Management and Regeneration in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Economy & Regeneration.


Officer contact: Dr Donna Sager / Caroline Simpson, 0161-474-3928, /


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Agenda Planning pdf icon PDF 61 KB

To consider a report of the Democratic Services Manager.                                                       


The report sets out planned agenda items for the Scrutiny Committee’s next meeting and Forward Plan items that fall within the remit of the Scrutiny Committee.


The Scrutiny Committee is invited to consider the information in the report and put forward any agenda items for future meetings of the Committee.


Officer contact: Damian Eaton on 0161 474 3207 or email:

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